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Natural Allopathic Medicine

Apr 28, 2014 | 591 Pages
Natural Allopathic Medicine

No matter your profession in the medical field, Natural Allopathic Medicine offers principles and practices that can be integrated into any type of health care.

Not only does it enable doctors to treat life-threatening illnesses more effectively, but it also allows them to do so without resorting to dangerous pharmaceuticals. In reality, these drugs often fail to resolve chronic syndromes.

Though many medical texts are difficult to understand, this one is designed for patients. It not only provides information on treatments but also helps readers comprehend what their doctors and practitioners are doing (or not doing) for them.

At the core of Natural Allopathic Medicine is an understanding that health and healing are a matter of balance. This book offers holistic insights into how to restore your body's inner harmony, including nutrition, rest, exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

Beyond physical treatments, it provides psychological guidance for managing stressors in your lives—from managing relationships and our own emotions to recognizing the power of belief systems.

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