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Healing with Medical Marijuana

Getting Beyond the Smoke and Mirrors

Jan 23, 2017 | 208 Pages
Healing With Medical Marijuana

What if there was an effective cure for dozens of serious diseases, but the government stopped you from using it because it comes from a disputed plant?

Cannabis, more commonly called marijuana, has long been frowned upon by many people; however, scientific evidence clearly shows that the compounds it contains can reduce, halt, and in some cases even reverse some of our most serious health conditions.

Dr. Mark Sircus, best-selling author and medical researcher, has written a helpful guide in understanding how cannabis vegetation can be used to fight disorders/diseases.

Although cannabis extract was legally available in the US during the early 1930s, it soon became illegal due to the public's negative perception of marijuana at the time. Federal Government officials associated its use with crime and violent behavior, which resulted in its ban in 1937.

From that moment on, cannabis use was considered a criminal offense punishable by law, including imprisonment. Even though the United States had labeled marijuana an illegal drug, many other nations began researching its possible medicinal benefits.

The book Healing with Medical Marijuana provides readers insight into how effective cannabis can be in treating various illnesses, based on studies backing its claim. In addition, the book also covers why marijuana is still not legal in the United States despite its therapeutic benefits.

In states where medical marijuana is legal, it continues to be a politically controversial topic, blocking its availability for the majority of the people― despite its well-known effectiveness.

This book is designed for people who are struggling to find medical marijuana to help them with their conditions. It offers possible solutions that can give the reader the aid they need.

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