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The Cancer Code

A Revolutionary New Understanding of a Medical Mystery

Profile picture of dr-jason-fung Dr. Jason Fung (Author)
Nov 12, 2020
The Cancer Code

Dr. Jason Fung's book, The Cancer Code, is a revolutionary new take on this common and often fatal disease. He explains what cancer is, how it manifests, and why current treatments are so ineffective.

In this thought-provoking book, Dr. Fung explores how the medical community has been misguided in its cancer research efforts by focusing too much on genetics (the ‘seed’) instead of the conditions ('soil') that allow cancer to grow.

Dr. Fung, an esteemed doctor who has won many awards for his cutting-edge treatment of obesity and diabetes, believes that cancer's primary disease pathway is brought on by insulin dysregulation. Furthermore, carrying excess weight and having type 2 diabetes greatly amplify one's chances of developing cancer.

In this book, Dr. Fung provides readers with a new way of thinking about cancer and offers advice on how to make the body an inhospitable environment for cancer cells.

Intermittent fasting is an excellent strategy for reducing blood glucose and insulin levels. Another great way to lower your insulin levels is by eliminating sugary and refined carbs from your diet.

Cancer has been traditionally seen as a foreign invader. However, viewing cancer as an internal uprising of healthy cells can help you take back control.

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