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The Fat Switch

Profile picture of dr-joseph-mercola Dr. Joseph Mercola (Foreword)
Jul 12, 2024
The Fat Switch

Contrary to conventional wisdom, this book demonstrates that overindulging in food and lack of exercise are not the primary culprits behind obesity. Instead, it posits that humans have activated a "fat switch" similar to what wild animals use when they need extra energy stores.

In his book, Dr. Johnson guides readers on an exciting medical mission to uncover the secret of the fat switch and how they can utilize it to regain their health.

From emperor penguins and Peter Paul Rubens' artwork to Friar Tuck's adventures; from Falstaff's escapades, Columbian World Exposition of 1893, Yanomamo Indians in Venezuela, Inuit tribes living in Arctic climates with steatopygia-endowed San women - all these characters come alive as you delve deeper into this story that also includes a gastric brooding frog (which is possibly extinct), hummingbirds, desert gerbils, and gray whale; bar-tailed godwit marine clam worm and Secretariat –the great racehorse!

In his captivating narrative, Dr. Richard Johnson demonstrates how particular foods - particularly fructose from added sugars - could be responsible for the rampant rise of obesity and diabetes through such methods as observational studies on wild animals, laboratory experiments, clinical trials, and history.

Not only does this book provide a convincing argument for how obesity is triggered, but it also explores the latest cutting-edge science on preventing, treating, and potentially curing the condition.

This book is filled with informative illustrations (68 figures) and authoritative sources, yet it was written for the layperson who desires to understand why obesity has become so prevalent in today's society as well as learn how to prevent and remedy it.

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