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Nature Wants Us to Be Fat

The Surprising Science Behind Why We Gain Weight and How We Can Prevent--and Reverse--It

Feb 08, 2022 | 288 Pages
Nature Wants Us to Be Fat

For over a decade, Dr. Richard Johnson has led the research into the origin of obesity with his team's revolutionary discovery - The Fructose-Powered Survival Switch; an evolutionary mechanism that organisms in nature activate as and when needed but is perpetually switched on due to modern dietary habits which ultimately acts as a fat switch. This insight revolutionized our perception of what causes us to gain weight.

In Nature Wants Us to Be Fat, he reveals the abundance of scientific evidence that backs up his claim - this switch is not only responsible for storing excessive fat but also for numerous major diseases in Western countries that include heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Unveiling the unseen connection between survivability and health issues including gout, kidney disease, liver ailments, stroke – even addiction and ADHD - Dr. Johnson debuts a scientifically-founded plan to combat Mother Nature. Most significantly of all, he grants readers the ability to take back control of their own lives again.

By utilizing cutting-edge clinical research, plus interesting insights from the animal world, evolution, and even history as guides; Dr. Johnson embarks on a captivating journey of exploration into:

  • Learn how to deactivate your survival switch and discover the correlation between humans and hibernating bears, sperm whales, plus the world’s fattest bird.
  • Uncover that fructose--not glucose--prompts insulin resistance as well as metabolic diseases.
  • Be enlightened about which foods activate the body in making its own fructose along with salt's role in fat storage and dehydration's impact on it too!
  • Lastly, unveil a surprising relationship between this switch to ailments such as gout and behavioral issues like addiction and ADHD.

Not only does Dr. Johnson offer key insight into the prevention and treatment of obesity, but he also demonstrates how this data can be used to reduce one's risk of becoming afflicted with it.

Nature wants us to be fat, and when you understand why, you'll gain the tools you need to lose weight and optimize your health.

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