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The Longevity Solution

Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life

Feb 26, 2019 | 304 Pages
The Longevity Solution

Dr. James DiNicolantonio and Dr. Jason Fung have teamed up to write The Longevity Solution, a book that divulges the secrets to healthy aging gracefully. According to them, just because you're growing older doesn't mean you have to accept pain, disease, and immobility as destiny.

In this book, Dr. DiNicolantonio and Dr. Fung utilize evidence from years of medical research and clinical practice to provide readers with five easy steps for a longer and healthier life.

The Longevity Solution debunks fad diets and supplements that have no scientific backing, and instead investigators the dietary habits of some of the longest-lived humans on earth. These individuals, known as Blue Zones residents, provide a model for how one should eat to achieve optimum health and longevity.

Intermittent fasting and calorie restriction have been shown to not only improve your physical health but also slow the aging process. Additionally, this book looks at how red wine, tea, and coffee can be beneficial if consumed in moderation and why salt is an essential ingredient for longevity - contrary to popular belief.

In this helpful guide, Dr. DiNicolantonio and Dr. Fung explain cutting-edge science in a relatable way that can be put into practice immediately.

Some easy diet choices can help end your reliance on carbs, jumpstart a higher metabolism, and control positive longevity genes. The Longevity Solution keeps healthy aging under your power!

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