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Brain Health from Birth

Nurturing Brain Development During Pregnancy and the First Year (It Starts with the Egg)

Profile picture of rebecca-fett Rebecca Fett (Author)
Aug 27, 2019 | 306 Pages
Brain Health from Birth

Nurturing a child's brain development should not be taken lightly; all too often, the recommended advice is inadequate and comes far too late.

Recent research has demonstrated that the most consequential period of time for your child’s future intelligence, learning aptitude, memory storage capacity, and attention span is during pregnancy as well as early infancy. Even minor details can have a remarkable effect on their development!

What are some of the best practices for supporting your newborn's cognitive development when it matters most? Furthermore, why do 10% of children today suffer from conditions rooted in early brain growth (like autism, ADHD, and language delays)?

To get to the bottom of these questions, Rebecca Fett harnessed her knowledge in biochemistry and molecular biology to review a broad range of up-to-date scientific research. As an acclaimed author, having written It Starts with the Egg which is a bestseller on fertility topics, she was more than qualified for this task!

Brain Health from Birth is your go-to guide for everything you need to know about providing optimal health and development during pregnancy, as well as the first year of life.

Thanks to the team of esteemed pediatricians and obstetricians sharing evidence-based recommendations based on extensive research, parents can now make sure their little ones have every opportunity to thrive!

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