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The Stretch Marks Factor

Prevent Stretch Marks & Build Naturally Vibrant Skin

Nov 08, 2016 | 56 Pages
The Stretch Marks Factor

The Stretch Marks Factor, by Dave Asprey and Dr. Lana Asprey, MD, is a new book that explains how Dr. Lana was able to avoid stretch marks during two pregnancies (in her early forties) while also assisting Dave in reducing his own stretch marks after dropping over 100 pounds.

As a teenager, Dave had stretch marks for the first time. He made a promise to share the biohacking findings he gained on how to treat your skin and make them accessible to people who gain weight and all women who are pregnant or may consider becoming pregnant one day when he developed the Bulletproof Diet.

There is no one answer to preventing stretch marks, but this protocol--which is based on evidence and improves your skin's elasticity is shown to stop new ones from forming and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

If you follow Asprey's advice, not only will your skin and nails improve, but small injuries will heal more quickly.

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