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Cells, Aging, and Human Disease

Jun 10, 2004 | 504 Pages
Cells, Aging, and Human Disease

Cells, Aging, and Human Disease delve into the realm of aging from its genetic roots to clinical implications. It takes an in-depth exploration of the cellular transformations responsible for age-related illnesses in humans that not many books are able to do.

Containing more than 4,000 references, this text delves into the essential changes in human aging as well as tissue-based pathology. It provides a comprehensive examination of both emerging research and current clinical interventions pertaining to aging and age-related conditions.

Age-related diseases are not only experienced late in life, but they share a deep connection on cellular and genetic levels. This book highlights how these fundamental characteristics can be elucidated through human cell mechanisms.

It brings together our current understanding of telomere biology and cell senescence to provide an insightful analysis.

It also provides an insightful overview of the current research exploring cell senescence--which is believed to be the core reason for human aging and cancer development.

This book contains insightful evaluations of telomere and telomerase research data, as it applies to a range of human cancers. Furthermore, the text provides in-depth knowledge of current studies examining their potential applications for cancer diagnosis and treatment plans.

The second edition of this book dives into the physiological effects that cell senescence and aging have on clinical diseases, organized by organs and tissues.

After providing an overview of the early aging syndromes--the progerias--this text examines age-related diseases (Alzheimer's dementia, osteoarthritis, atherosclerosis, immune aging, presbyopia, sarcopenia, and so on) in correlation with their associated tissues.

Exploring the ten clinical chapters of skin, cardiovascular system, bone and joints, hematopoietic and immune systems, endocrine, CNS, renal muscle GI & eyes; this book delves into our understanding of their pathology as well as cell senescence and potential medical interventions.

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