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The Telomerase Revolution

The Enzyme That Holds the Key to Human Aging . . . and Will Soon Lead to Longer, Healthier Lives

Oct 06, 2015 | 256 Pages
The Telomerase Revolution

For decades, Dr. Michael Fossel has been pushing the boundaries of aging research and is acclaimed for authoring the authoritative textbook on human aging.

In The Telomerase Revolution, he leads you through an enlightening scientific exploration with a comprehensible yet fascinating viewpoint into human aging. Discover startling revelations about our species that will forever alter your perception of age!

Two decades ago, numerous theories about the process of human aging existed and contested one another. However, with the rise of telomere theory in recent years, a general consensus has been established among researchers that this is most likely how humans age.

The crux of this theory is that human aging is a result of cellular senescence. Every time a cell splits, its telomeres (the chromosome extremities) lessen in size.

As the telomeres shorten, the cells' capacity to mend its molecules gradually decreases until they can age no more - leading to an overall deterioration in our bodies due to billions of cells reaching their expiry date at once.

In other words, as these cells age and die out so too does humanity's youthfulness diminish with them.

Although some cells experience aging, sex and stem cells are able to replicate perpetually without showing any sign of age. This is all thanks to telomerase - an enzyme that replenishes the length of telomeres on these specific types of cells, thus keeping them young forever!

With the potential to drastically stretch lifespans and even invert human aging, The Telomerase Revolution details how telomerase will soon be utilized as an exceptional therapeutic device.

Telomerase-based treatments are already demonstrating their effectiveness, and in the upcoming decade, far more powerful therapies will become available.

The Telomerase Revolution is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the cutting-edge science of human aging. It dives into both the theoretical aspects as well as its practical applications, ushering readers to the vanguard of an impending revolution in medicine.

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