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The Kaufmann Protocol

Why we Age and How to Stop it

Jul 31, 2018 | 332 Pages
The Kaufman Protocol

The Kaufmann Protocol is an innovative approach to aging that goes beyond merely addressing the symptoms - it delves into the root cause of why humans age, and offers a scientifically backed regimen to slow down this process.

The Kaufmann Protocol stands apart from all other anti-aging trends because it takes a microscopic approach to aging.

By delving into the cellular level of how humans age, The Kauffman Protocol is able to combat aging in individuals regardless of their lifestyle or background. This revolutionary protocol provides readers with an understanding unprecedented before now - allowing for major advancements in longevity and healthspan!

This book delves into the seven essential components of aging: DNA modifications, mitochondrial energy, and other related pathways. To make it easier to comprehend, both scientific and layman's terms are used throughout the text. Moreover, analogies comparing cells to factories help clarify this intricate process for readers of all backgrounds.

Kaufmann Rating numbers provide the reader with a quick summary of each molecular agent's anti-aging properties.

In the second half of this book, readers can learn about fifteen top agents that combat aging and evaluate them in seven different categories to find out their individual rating numbers. With these ratings as guidance, creating an effective regimen tailored to one's own needs becomes easier than ever!

As an alternative, the book proposes PANACEA as a standard protocol that is composed of five molecular agents. This regimen is great for older people over 40 years old, yet it definitely does not account for everyone.

This book is designed to help readers discover what works best for them as individuals and supplement the Kaufmann Protocol App. With it, users can easily track their progress and stay up-to-date on the ever-evolving knowledge that allows aging to be an optional choice.

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