Bones are the supportive structure of the human body. They provide a framework for the muscles and organs, protect delicate internal tissues, and produce blood cells.

The 206 bones in the adult human are divided into two main groups: the axial skeleton, which includes the bones of the head and trunk, and the appendicular skeleton, which consists of the bones of the arms and legs.

The human skeleton is incredibly strong, yet lightweight, and it allows us to move in a variety of ways.

There are many different types of bones in the human body. Some, like the bones of the skull, are very hard. Others, like the bones of the rib cage, are more flexible.

The different types of bones have different shapes and sizes, but they all serve important functions in supporting and protecting the body. The human skeleton is an amazing structure that allows us to move, work, and play.

Bones are constantly changing throughout our lives. When we are young, our bones are growing and get stronger. As we get older, our bones start to break down and become weaker.

However, if we take care of our bodies and eat a healthy diet, we can help keep our bones strong and healthy into old age.

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