Dr. Russell Jaffe, MD., Ph.D., CCN

Specialties in biochemistry, coagulation, immunology, internal medicine, clinical pathology, and chemical pathology, and co-founder of Health Studies Collegium, and founder of PERQUE Integrative Health.

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In 1972, Dr. Russell Jaffe achieved the highest academic distinctions from Boston University School of Medicine by obtaining his BS, MD, and Ph.D. degrees simultaneously.

Following this monumental accomplishment, he completed a three-year residency at the National Institutes of Health in Clinical Chemistry which concluded in 1976; however, he remained on staff as a permanent senior member until 1979.

He is additionally board certified in both Chemical Pathology and Clinical Pathology - two highly respected certifications that underscore his expertise within these fields.

Passionate about embracing a holistic, unbiased, and evidence-based approach to health, Dr. Jaffe embarked on his career journey by seeking knowledge, insight, and wisdom concerning the intricate workings of human wellbeing.

With a healthy combination of inquisitiveness and skepticism, Dr. Jaffe attempted to disprove the strongest proponents of numerous health-promoting and healing methods.

After setting out to disprove holistic forms of care, Dr. Jaffe realized he had instead embarked on an incredibly enriching educational experience that saw him become a student and researcher in traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, active meditation homeopathy, and manipulative arts.

Driven by his own journey of transformation, Dr. Jaffe began the Health Studies Collegium with some of his colleagues. This think tank is devoted to providing sustainable responses to health issues on a global scale.

For the past three decades, Dr. Jaffe has been a champion for an approach to healthcare that focuses on treating people rather than medical conditions, emphasizing causes instead of consequences, and cultivating long-term sustainable solutions as opposed to purely symptom-suppressing treatments.

Thanks to Dr. Jaffe's extensive knowledge and experience, he used it as an opportunity to take his efforts a step further by founding PERQUE Integrative Health; providing scientifically-backed integrative health solutions that expedite the transition from sick care to well-being care around the world.

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