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Medical Medium Thyroid Healing

The Truth behind Hashimoto's, Graves', Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr

Profile picture of anthony-william Anthony William (Author)
Jun 01, 2021 | 304 Pages
Medical Medium Thyroid Healing

Even if you pride yourself on being up-to-date with the latest health information, you will be shocked at how much more there is to learn about thyroid health.

This book on thyroid healing is different from anything else you have read or heard. It will give you a true understanding of the inner workings of our thyroids for the first time ever. Experience the epic truth about your thyroid from the New York Times best-selling author of the Medical Medium series.

The thyroid has become a popular topic of conversation among people of all ages, particularly women. Symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, memory problems, aches and pains, tingling or numbness in the extremities, insomnia, hair loss, and hot flashes can all be attributed to an unhealthy thyroid.

Additionally, other issues such as anxiety and depression, heart palpitations, libido changes, and restless legs syndrome may also indicate that there is a problem with the thyroid gland.

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