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Bringing Back the Universal Medicine

Apr 03, 2011 | 405 Pages

The story of iodine becomes increasingly relevant as global radiation levels climb in the aftermath of the Japanese nuclear disaster. Everyone needs to be informed about iodine and its importance, for nothing is more vital than taking your daily dose of iodine supplements.

A lack of iodine is like a nuclear disaster in itself; it attracts radioactive iodide like bees to honey. An appropriate public health response, then, must start with getting enough iodine.

No one wants their thyroid to be so iodine-deficient that it will absorb the harmful radioactive isotope of iodine.

After testing 5,000 of his patients, Dr. David Brownstein discovered that 95 percent were iodine deficient. He spoke with other iodine researchers and found that their patients had similar trends.

Dr. Mark Sircus has devoted his life to uncovering the truth about iodine, which is why he wrote this book. In it, he looks at the history of iodine and how it has been used to treat diseases as varied as goiter, malaria, and even cancer.

Sircus also explains how toxins like bromine and fluoride can interfere with the body's iodine absorption and how radiation can increase iodine deficiency. He talks about the potential health benefits of supplementing with iodine and why it should be a part of every person's daily routine.

Finally, Sircus outlines a list of symptoms that may indicate an iodine deficiency and provides advice on finding the best dose to take for optimal health.

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