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The End of Alzheimer's

The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

Aug 22, 2017 | 320 Pages
The End of Alzheimer’s

A preventive and restorative Alzheimer's Disease plan that entirely changes how we think about cognitive decline.

Cancer is a disease that, unfortunately, many of us know someone who has survived. Alzheimer's Disease, on the other hand, until now has been incurable. However, in this game-changing book, Dale Bredesen offers real hope to readers interested in preventing and even reversing Alzheimer's Disease and cognitive decline.

Alzheimer's disease is composed of three sub-conditions, which The End of Alzheimer’s outlines in great detail. There are 36 metabolic factors that can cause "downsizing" in the brain, all of which can be rebalanced using lifestyle changes such as taking B12 supplements or improving oral hygiene. This protocol has significant results.

9 out of the first 10 patients improved significantly within a few months after starting the protocol, and since then, hundreds more have received similar results.

Now, The End of Alzheimer’s presents new hope to patients, caregivers, physicians, and treatment centers with a fascinating look into the science behind AD and a complete step-by-step plan that fundamentally changes how we treat it.

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