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Life sciences attorney, biochemist, and medical writer of 3 best-sellers on fertility.

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Rebecca Fett holds a prestigious degree in molecular biotechnology and biochemistry from the esteemed University of Sydney located in Australia.

Rebecca’s eight-year tenure as a patent litigation attorney for New York-based biotechnology companies set her up to become an author, as she perfected the art of deciphering scientific and clinical evidence into plain English.

Despite her youth, Rebecca was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve at only 26 years old and informed that the chances of conceiving a child using her own eggs were extremely slim.

Rebecca applied her biochemistry and genetics knowledge to the science of egg quality and fertility, deeply studying every available clinical study that might be relevant.

After considerable research, Rebecca Fett released It Starts with the Egg - an evidence-based guide to improving fertility and preventing miscarriages.

This book has since been commended by countless reproductive endocrinologists and IVF clinics across the United States and is read by 1 in 3 women enduring IVF treatments.

Rebecca shares her experience with infertility and fertility treatments as well as her in-depth knowledge of nutrition, genetics, epigenetics, and lifestyle factors that influence fertility and the quality of eggs.

She also offers practical tips for improving fertility and decreasing the risk of miscarriage. Additionally, Rebecca shares her story to inspire others struggling with infertility and provide hope for a way forward.

Rebecca Fett is a sought-after keynote speaker at fertility events and conferences across the country and appears regularly on radio shows and podcasts as an expert in fertility health care.

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