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Staying Alive - Buying Guide

Incorporating a punching bag into your home gym equipment has become a must. Due to the many benefits, both physical and mental, that you get when training with a punching bag.  

Whether you’re fighting. kickboxing, mixed martial arts, or a Muay Thai boxing enthusiast, there is a punching bag right for you. 

Whatever your goal is, enhance your endurance, cardio, strength, hand-eye coordination, and reflexes. 

Or to have a healthy outlet for stress, or simply getting you pumped with good old-fashioned endorphins, a punching bag will be in your corner.

Take your time to browse and checkout the top punching bags we’ve reviewed to ensure you get value for your money and help take your physical training to the next level.  

All you have to do is step into the ring with us, strap on your gloves and get ready to train Rocky Balboa style, hearing the infamous ‘Eye of the Tiger’ track, striking one punch at a time.  

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The Best Punching Bags

  • You'll be hard-pressed to find a more awe-inspiring bag than the Dripex Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag, making it a top choice to give as a gift to yourself or a loved one as a stress reliever and strength builder. 

    It's a monumental self-supporting bag that takes minimal space in any home or gym and due to the rounded ABS base tank, the base is constructed perfectly to enable easy roll to relocate the punching bag should you desire.

    Underneath the base, there are 12 suction cups to prevent the base from moving. Making this heavyweight bag robust enough to handle brute force. 

    Boasting a stainless steel tube stand and a PU leather bag cover and having an EPE foam stuffing, along with a solid base means the Dripex Freestanding Bag can handle blow after blow.  

    The cherry on the cake comes in the form of a first-in-class shock-absorbing system and has unique silencing material to significantly reduce the sound. 

    So you don't disturb your family or neighbors if you engage in hardcore training at strange hours. 

    To ensure greater stability, fill the base with sand to ensure it withstands intensive force. 

    With the Dripex Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag, no one will judge you if you aim for below the belt. 

    Key Features
    • PU leather layer - durable & comfortable
    • Fabric buffer layer - provides shock absorption
    • High-density foam for maximum impact
    • 4x springs & 2x TPR-blocks offer noise absorption
    • Detachable springs - option to remove springs to minimize vibration
    • Round ABS base tank, to be filled with sand or water
    • 12 strong suction cups beneath the base to prevent movement
    • Tear-resistant
    • Brand: Dripex
    • Model: Dripex Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag
    • Weight: 182 pounds
    • Customer creating 1-year warranty
    • Ideal for someone looking for a freestanding punching bag at home or at the gym
    • Suitable for kids & adults as the height is adjustable from 47 inches to 69 inches
    • Ideal for those seeking a quiet punching bag
    • Good value for the price point for any new customer
    • Not for those wanting to practice low kicks
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  • A punching bag from the boxing giant Everlast makes it into our list, this time with the Everlast 40 Pound Heavy Bag

    The 40 pound is the ideal lightweight punching bag to give you dutch courage to put on your boxing gloves and get into the ring as a newbie.

    This heavyweight bag offers intense cardio workouts and won't dodge from your kicks and punches with its synthetic and natural fibers providing the perfect level of shock absorbency. 

    Made with textured, everstrike sign material for maximum resilience and at the same time sports an outer shell that's soft and comfortable to hit. 

    The double-end loop allows you to anchor the punch bag for greater control and continuous striking. 

    You'll be exhausted after a workout with the Everlast 40 Pound Bag, but don't be tempted to throw in the towel until you've given it you're all.

    Key Features
    • Premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing
    • Specially blended filler mix of sanitized synthetic & natural fibers provide shock absorbency
    • Nylon straps provide security & safety
    • Double-end loop provides increased functionality
    • The 40-inch bag can take punches, kicks & knees from all angles
    • For faster checkout combine with an Everlast Bag Stand for easy installation (stand not included)
    • Brand: Everlast
    • Model: Everlast 40 Pound Heavy Bag
    • Weight: 40 Pounds
    • New customer - 120-day warranty
    • Offers many benefits from cardio & strength workouts
    • Ideal if you are looking to shop for the feel & resilience of leather but want something economical with the cost of a cheaper vinyl bag
    • Suitable for kids, teenagers, women, & beginner level boxing training
    • A solid checkout option if you’re looking to increase stamina, explosive moves & rapidity
    • Not for more experienced trainees, as this is a lightweight punch bag
    • Not for those wanting minimal sway when you punch/kick the bag
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  • Aqua Training Bags offer breathtaking punch bags via their Aqua Training 75 Pound Punching Bag model. Each bag is individually hand-swirled and produced with a unique swirl pattern, so no two bags are identical. 

    Available in 7 different colors such as fireball orange, bad-boy blue, and power punch pink, selecting a punching bag for total beginners or boxing champions just became super fun in the color of your choice! 

    Aqua Training brags a revolutionary design with its teardrop shape and water-filled interior, which absorbs the impact of each strike. Ensuring your workout is intense and you'll find yourself never wanting to have a punching bag filled with sand again.

    Made in the good old US of A, Aqua Training has thick-walled vinyl and injection-molded ends and was designed to withstand the most vicious of strikes. 

    Ideal for boxing training, mixed martial arts, and general fitness training, this bag will shred you and bring out your boxing killer instinct in the ring.

    Key Features
    • Search 7 eye-catching colors
    • Revolutionary design - teardrop shape & interior filled with water
    • Made in the USA
    • Thick-walled vinyl punch bag
    • UV resistant & waterproof
    • A portable hanging bag that can be suspended from a ceiling mount or an Aqua Punching Bag Stand (not included)
    • High & low-pressure adjustments
    • Brand: Aqua Training Bags
    • Model: Aqua Training 75 Pound Punching Bag
    • Weight: 75 pounds
    • 2-year warranty account
    • Faster checkout & 60-day return policy, if unsatisfied
    • Ideal for every type of boxer
    • Perfect for boxing training, mixed martial arts & general fitness enthusiasts
    • Great for improving stamina & power
    • Good for home gyms, outdoor & commercial gyms
    • If the bag gets a hole, it will leak water, deflating
    • Hanging kit items sold separately
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  • No punching bag round-up is complete without the addition of the MaxxMMA Speed Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit in your training repertoire.

    Boasting an exclusive patented fastness adjustable freestanding reflex bag. The slow quickness mode is ideal for beginner level trainees and for the more experienced trainees the high-velocity mode pushes you outside your comfort zone and helps you get faster and better with every training.

    It has top-quality PVC, chrome-plating steel and the spring passes the test of bending 120,000 times. Showing its durability and stability and making it an ideal companion to help relieve stress, get good cardio under your belt, and fine-tune your MMA training. 

    MaxxMMA sets a new standard for training with a reflex bag that will help you to practice bobbing, weaving, punching as the bag returns, or blocking the bag with your arms or shoulders to prevent it from hitting you. All are essential techniques needed to improve swiftness and agility

    The base fills with 30 pounds of water or 55 pounds of sand to provide a heavy-duty base. 

    It's ideal for kids, teens, men, and women with an adjustable height, making the MaxxMMA equipment the whole family can shop and use. 

    Once you have the MaxxMMA Reflex Bag Kit there's no telling whether you'll toe the line!

    Key Features
    • Complete fighting set - inflatable punchball velocity bag, durable base, spring-loaded adjustable shaft & inflation pump
    • Exclusive patented velocity adjustable freestanding reflex bag (slow/fast)
    • Adjustable height of the punching ball from 48 to 61.5 inches
    • Top-quality PVC, chrome plating
    • Spring passes the test of bending 120,000 times
    • The plastic base tank can be filled with water or sand
    • The reflex bag is inflatable
    • Brand: MaxxMMA
    • Model: MaxxMMA Speed Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit
    • Weight: 30 - 55 pounds
    • 1-year warranty when you sign on as a customer
    • Good for sparring, MMA process
    • Adjustable swiftness- slow swiftness is great for beginners, fast speed for experienced trainees
    • Perfect for kids, teens, men & women
    • Adjustable height
    • Ideal for stress relief, cardio workouts & improving fastness & agility
    • Ideal for commercial & home gyms
    • It maybe too short in height for some trainees below 6ft tall (183 cm)
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  • The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag is an impressive lifelike mannequin, with skin constructed of high-strength plastisol that offers the ideal striking surface for perfect jabs, cross punches, and sidekicks.

    Where Century BOB really shines is offering you the opportunity to train for self-defense, to target strikes to specific parts of the body, or disarm an opponent in mixed martial arts, whilst having fun and getting the feeling you're striking a real opponent. 

    With an adjustable height from 60 inches to 78 inches, Century BOB is versatile no matter what your height. 

    What's more, it helps you build range as a fighter to be able to spar with different-sized opponents. 

    When filled with water, Century BOB weighs 270 pounds, allowing it to withstand a healthy amount of force. 

    As a free-standing bag, Century BOB takes minimal space and doesn't sway side to side as a mounted traditional bag would. It's ideal for practicing at home in your garage or backyard. 

    The cost of Century BOB does pack a punch, but if your aim is to strengthen your contact target practice you won't be disappointed with Century BOB, which will enable you to beat someone to the punch!

    Key Features
    • Lifelike mannequin with vinyl skin color on male head & torso
    • The inner cavity is filled with high-density urethane foam
    • 7 adjustable heights from 60 inches to 78 inches
    • Low profile base fills with sand or water
    • Base is included
    • Unfilled: 37 pounds. 270 pounds when filled with water
    • Made in the USA
    • Brand: Century
    • Model: Century Bob Body Opponent Training
    • Weight: 270 pounds
    • Customer creating 1-year warranty with registration & email address sign in
    • A great option for those seeking a sparring partner or target work training
    • The realistic design allows you to improve accuracy strikes to specific areas of the body
    • Suitable for HIIT, mixed martial arts, boxing & combat training
    • Ideal for self-defense practice
    • 7 adjustable height settings
    • Great for home use, takes minimal space
    • Dummy absorbs shock & moves with you like a real opponent
    • More expensive than a standard punch bag
    • Not ideal for those looking for heavy kicking practice. A traditional heavyweight bag would be more suitable
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  • The Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag is a knock-out punch bag for professional-grade boxers and Muay Thai kickboxers. 

    With a primary focus on mixed martial arts training, Outstlayer truly delivers bags that are durable and last. 

    The Outslayer Bag is designed exclusively for those trainees who like to mix kicks into their weighted bag workouts. 

    Boasting a solid construction with a smooth shell, vinyl, and heavy stitching, rest assured this punch bag will remain standing even after you've been pounding away at it with powerful kicks. There's no need to hold back, give it you're all!

    You have the flexibility to mount the Outslayer Muy Thai Bag via the ceiling or alternatively, you can choose to mount it on a heavy free-standing bag. 

    Should you opt to go down the free-standing bag route, order your stands separately. 

    For professional-grade boxers, the standard weight of 130-pounds may be too light. Fear not, you have the possibility to adjust and increase the weight of the bag to a whopping maximum of 300 pounds.

    The setup of the bag is straightforward, leaving plenty of time for you to start practicing those roundhouse kicks and navigate those diagonal knee strikes.

    Key Features
    • Bag ships filled or unfilled
    • Made in the USA
    • Made out of super heavy-duty vinyl
    • When filled, filled only with compressed fabric, no sand
    • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
    • Designed with heavy-duty straps, so no chains are required
    • Brand: Outslayer
    • Model: Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag
    • Weight: 130 Pounds
    • 10-year warranty on purchase account
    • Returns permitted within 30 days of close checkout
    • Customer free shipping in the US
    • Ship worldwide (subject to minor restrictions on some products)
    • Ideal for professional fighters & trainers of Muay Thai Boxing
    • Has the capacity to hold an extra 300 pounds
    • A great option for professional gyms, boxing warehouses
    • Not suitable for beginners or people on the more petite side
    • Does not come with a D-ring to prevent flipping of the rings
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  • The Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Punching Bag is a must-have punching bag for boxing practitioners of various sizes.

    Adjust it from 47 to 68 inches, and it allows a full spectrum of training ranging from kicks, punches to swiftness and improving footwork. 

    It's named the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Punching Bag to reflect its status as the original free-standing bag developed by Century in a series of free-standing heavy bags.

    It sports a sturdy round base that can be filled with water or sand content.  It's easy to set up and portable. When filled, it weighs around 250 pounds, offering a robust foundation for forceful strikes, good resistance, and rebound. 

    The Original Wavemaster has a vinyl cover and a foam filling, which provides resilience and a large surface area to land a variety of strikes from martial arts, boxing, and cardio. 

    It's backed with a 1-year warranty, allowing you to focus on your training. If you go with the Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Bag, you'll learn to roll with the punches. 

    Key Features
    • Freestanding punching bag
    • Search from 3 colors
    • Vinyl cover & foam filling
    • Made in the USA
    • Fill the base with water or sand
    • Round base for easy rolling & relocation
    • 7 Height adjustments from 47 to 68 inches, in 3-inch increments
    • Provides optimal resistance & rapid rebound
    • Brand: Century
    • Model: Century Wavemaster Freestanding Bag
    • Weight: 250 pounds
    • 1-year warranty on your account
    • Great for punching, kicking & cardio
    • Ideal to shop for a home gym
    • Suitable option for people who don't want to have a punching bag hanging from the ceiling or wall
    • Good for any size practitioner with adjustable height
    • Great for high & mid-level kicking
    • Great value
    • The higher you raise the punch bag the louder it becomes
    • Not ideal for heavy kicks or for more powerful fighters as the punch bag does rock when significant force is applied
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  • The saying "good things come in small packages'' has never rung more true than with the Everlast Speed Bag.  

    Whilst this Speed Bag may not be the best choice for advanced or pro-grade boxers, it most definitely makes the short-list for beginner and intermediate level boxers and boxing fitness enthusiasts.

    The bag is well balanced, offering welcomed rebounds when training along with reinforced seams that give protection from tears. 

    The inside of the bag is constructed with a rubber bladder and the outside of the bag is encased in a black leather cover, emblazoned with the classic Everlast logo sign, making it a great spot to remain focused on during training.

    Filled with air, the Everlast Speed Bag is a soft target to train with and is a welcome addition to a home or commercial gym. 

    As the name suggests, speed bags move at great velocity and the aim is the boxer is supposed to connect and hit the ball. 

    Sounds easy to do, except it's quite the challenge when the ball is moving at such rapidity. The ultimate objective is to build reflexes, muscle tone, endurance, quickness, and hand-eye coordination. 

    If you keep at it with the Everlast Bag you'll be the Real McCoy. 

    Key Features
    • Medium-sized velocity bag
    • Top grade leather
    • Reinforced seams for durability
    • Balanced for accurate rebounds
    • Rubber bladder on the inside of the bag
    • Filled with air
    • Uses a double-stitched loop to hang from a swivel hook (sold separately)
    • Brand: Everlast
    • Model : Everlast Speed Bag
    • Size: 9 L x 6 W - inches
    • Close checkout with a 120-day warranty
    • Excellent if you're looking to build reflexes, muscle tone, endurance, velocity & hand-eye coordination
    • Ideal to test the fastness & timing of a boxer
    • Very affordable shop
    • Good size & has a bounce
    • Easy to inflate
    • Suitable for boxers at beginner & intermediate level
    • Swivel & mounting plate sold separately
    • Loses air quickly, requires inflating & loading air frequently
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  • The Everlast 70 Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit is an impressive kit, comprising a bag that is heavy and comes complete with other items such as gloves, hand wraps, and a bungee kit.  

    It's enough to dazzle any beginner trainee of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and sparring enthusiasts. 

    Everlast is a powerhouse, renowned for bringing quality products on-site in gyms and homes in the world of prizefighting. 

    The Everlast 70 Pound MMA bag is a weighty bag stuffed with a filling of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand and you can adjust the height chain. Making it ideal for you irrespective of whether you're gifted with height or on the petite side. 

    The specially blended filler provides resilient shock absorbency, so you don't have to hold back during your training. Unleash your power, unchecked!

    The bag gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather, inclusive of a supportive hook and wrist strap ensuring your hands are fully protected from abrasions along with added wrist protection. 

    For those of you seeking greater resistance, fear not the kit also includes a bungee cord, taking your resistance to the next level. 

    It's an impressive punching bag and a must-have for people seeking to build endurance, improve muscle tone and sharpen their reflexes. 

    Whether you're a newbie or a more experienced hand, step into the ring with Everlast with unchecked confidence.

    Key Features
    • Kit includes a 70-pound heavyweight bag, gloves, 108-inch hand wraps & bungee cord
    • Custom filling of natural synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand
    • Customizable height with adjustable chain
    • Polycanvas outer material
    • Gloves are made of synthetic leather with a hook & loop wrist strap
    • Gloves come in 2 sizes: L & XL
    • Bag comes filled
    • Brand: Everlast
    • Model: Everlast 70 Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit
    • Weight: 70 Pounds
    • 120--day warranty on shop
    • Ideal for daily workouts
    • The bag material is durable & scratch-resistant
    • Ideal for people of various heights due to the adjustable chain
    • Great punch bag for beginners of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) & boxing
    • A good option for people seeking wrist protection
    • Great price, as you get a complete kit vs. buying each item individually
    • A hand wrap for only 1 hand is included, not for both hands
    • Not for people whose homes cannot accommodate drilling into a ceiling
    • Not suitable for experienced trainees, who need a heavier bag
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Punching Bags Buying Guide

A punching bag is a cylindrical piece of equipment that is used to help boxers and athletes improve their punching power and technique. 

Punching bags come in different weights and sizes, but all of them are designed to take a pounding. They can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, vinyl, leather, plastic, or synthetic materials.

There are many different types of punching bags available on the market, each of which is best suited to a particular training style.

Some types of punching bags are designed to be hung from the ceiling using rope while others require chains or weights on their base for stabilization purposes. 

Punching bags can also come in the form of human mannequins, some of which are equipped with face guards and small punching gloves over their hands.

Punching Bags

A punching bag is a cylindrical piece of equipment that is used to help boxers and athletes improve their punching power and technique. 

Punching bags come in different weights and sizes, but all of them are designed to take a pounding. They can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, vinyl, leather, plastic, or synthetic materials.

There are many different types of punching bags available on the market, each of which is best suited to a particular training style.

Some types of punching bags are designed to be hung from the ceiling using rope while others require chains or weights on their base for stabilization purposes. 

Punching bags can also come in the form of human mannequins, some of which are equipped with face guards and small punching gloves over their hands.

Benefits of Punching Bags

There are a number of different punching bag workouts you can do to improve your upper and lower body power, agility, and endurance. These include the following:

Shadow Boxing

This is a workout done without a partner and usually involves you imagining an opponent in front of you and performing the punches and kicks appropriate for fighting that imaginary opponent. Shadow boxing improves coordination, timing, and fastness.

Heavy Bag Workouts

Working with a heavy bag is a great way to improve your punching power. You can do a variety of exercises with boxing equipment, such as throwing combinations of punches and kicks, working on your footwork, or practicing defensive moves.


Sprinting is a great workout for your legs and it also improves cardiovascular endurance. You can run sprints either on a track or on a treadmill, depending on the type of equipment you have access to.

Jump Rope

Skipping with a weighted jump rope is a great workout for your upper body because it uses your arms as well as your legs. It will improve both strength and speed, and it will also help with your coordination and agility.

When you do a punching bag workout, be sure to stretch out your muscles first and then do a couple of light warm-up sets before starting the heavy bag. 

Also, remember that good form is always more important than how hard you hit. To get the most benefits from your punching bag workouts, be sure to vary your routine often.

Punching bags are a great way to improve your punching power and technique. There are a number of different workouts you can do with a punching bag, and by varying your routine often, you can get the most benefit from using one. 

Features of Best Punching Bags

Types of Punching Bags

Based on the sport you’re involved in and the training objectives you have there are several different punching bag styles to consider. 

A heavyweight bag that is great for improving overall technique, will not be the right punching bag if your goal is to improve your rapidity and reaction time.

Similarly, a bag good for Muay Thai will not be the right bag for someone looking to train for sparring.

Hanging Bag

A hanging bag is hung with a chain from the ceiling, by connecting it to a wall mount or using a heavyweight bag stand. The chain used to hang the bag must be strong enough to hold the bag for a long time. 

To hang the bag, you’ll need to drill into the ceiling, if you don’t have a stand. Just a thought to bear in mind, think carefully about where you want to place the hanging punch bag. 

Once you’ve drilled through the ceiling it’s not easy to keep moving the location of the bag around. 

Freestanding Bag

Standing bags have a base upon which the bag sits on. It involves no drilling in the ceiling and no mount or stand is required. In terms of set-up, standing punching bags are easy to set up. 

Due to the free-standing nature of the bag, should you wish to move the location of the bag to train, you can do so relatively easily. 

Water or sand is used as a filling for standing bags, to provide stability. An average standing bag post filling weighs around 240+ pounds.

Muay Thai Bag (Kickboxing)

Muay Thai bags at first glance may look like a standard heavyweight bag, but they are not the same as a heavyweight bag. 

In appearance, a Muay Thai bag is longer and thinner and is designed primarily for kicking. It’s important you don’t get a bag that is heavier than 130 pounds, as these hurt to hit.

Muay Thai bags need to be hung from the ceiling or mounted on a stand for you to train with them. 

Heavy Bag

Many people will opt for the average heavyweight bag. This type of bag is suspended from the ceiling and is built to withstand high impact. This is the classic punching bag we’re all familiar with from Hollywood movies.

Heavy bags are good if you are looking to improve your general punching, kicking, power shots which ultimately help to improve technique, stamina, and power.

Selecting the right size of the heavyweight bag will ensure you’re offered sufficient resistance to train. Take your personal bodyweight and divide this into two. This helps you derive the weight your heavy bag should be. 

There are a few different types of heavy bags to consider:

  • Round Heavy Bag - Teardrop bags or spherical heavy bags can be ideal to focus on certain body punches and achieve targeted kicks and punches.
  • Angle Heavy Bag - Comprising a top-heavy design with a slimmer trunk and broader on top. This type of punch bag is ideal if you are seeking to throw hooks, uppercuts, and body shots. 
Speed Bag

This type of bag is an ideal option if you are looking to improve your punching quickness, strength, timing, and helps to improve endurance. 

From a size perspective, quickness bags are much smaller than a traditional heavyweight bag. They are filled with air and are suspended from a wall or ceiling via a platform. 

Double End Bag

A double-end bag is great to improve your timing and reflexes. A great tool to teach you how to counterpunch, hone your reflexes, enhancing your rapidity and hand-eye coordination. 

A double end bag will help you to develop rhythm and work on your overall movement. Typically they are mounted from a ceiling or wall. 

Uppercut Bag

Practicing and perfecting the uppercut is no easy feat. An uppercut bag is uniquely designed to enable the correct technique and power to execute a powerful punch.

Uppercut bags can also be used for jabs, crosses, and hooks along with a variety of other punches.

Uppercut bags can be suspended from a wall or ceiling. This punching bag is suitable for people who are fighting athletes. 

Wall Mounted Bag

Wall-mounted bags are great if you have limited room, as they don’t require room to swing. This style of punching bag is ideal if you have high or vaulted ceilings.

A good option if you are looking to engage in a wide range of training, especially straight punches, and looking to improve your fitness and enhance your technique. 

Human Opponent / Grappling Dummy

This type of bag looks most like a human opponent, hence the name. They are generally freestanding bags and are not mounted to a ceiling or wall. 

The grappling dummy bag is suitable if you want to practice all types of punch accuracy, as it allows you to select specific spots on the anatomy of the dummy to target and hit. Moves are commonly used in judo, wrestling, and jiu-jitsu. 

It’s also great if you have limited space at home.

Type of Drills/Sports Training

Which punching bag you shop for depends on the kind of sport you are training for and the kind of training drills you need to practice. 

What is your training goal? Cardio? Building strength? Endurance? Velocity? 

It is important to always seek professional advice and guidance for your training. 

Heavy Bag Drills

Heavyweight bag drills are a must for anyone wanting to improve on precision, endurance, fastness, and cardio. Great for people doing martial arts training and sparring. 

Punching Bag Drills

Anyone wanting to improve and increase fastness, power, endurance, and precision may want to have one or more of the below five punching bag drills in their training repertoire. 

  • Kicking Drill - Kicking from your right leg, then switching to your left. Continuing to alternate between the two.
  • Precision Drill - An ideal training for anyone practicing mixed martial arts and anyone seeking to improve targeted marks. 
  • Quick Punch Drill - A basic drill, great for various contact sports, including sparring and mixed martial arts. 
  • Pyramid Drill - Fantastic to build endurance for fighting and training and is an effective training technique for people practicing mixed martial arts. 
  • Triple Skill Drill - Involves three basic combinations that morph into strikes and fighting techniques. Ideal for beginner-level mixed martial arts trainees.

Size & Weight

When you shop for a punching bag ensure that it matches your size and power. The recommended weight of a punching bag should be half of your weight. This provides the right amount of resistance.


If you are interested solely in fitness then a softer bag is a good option. If however, your goal is to improve your power then search for a firmer bag that provides you with the right level of resistance and responsiveness.

Filling Material

You should think about the material the bag is filled with. This affects the firmness, weight, and comfort of the bag along with how much it costs. 

How durable are punching bags? If the bag tears or is damaged over time, can you repair it and how easy is it to repair/amend the filling? 

There are 4 main fillers for punching bags:

  • Water - Bags with water are comfortable for the joints, reliable, and safer to punch. Water bags usually allow for easy filling. 
  • Air - Most often used in speed bags, double-end bags, and quick reflex bags. Air is a cheap and convenient filler. The downside is they start deflating gradually over time and require refilling every week. 
  • Sand - A sand filling is used for heavy punching bags. Sand is easy to fill and there’s no danger of leaks. Sand is a great option if you don’t want the bag to swing and the filling is strong. 
  • Textile - Many punching bags are filled with bits of textiles. Textile fillings are ideal to reduce muscle strain and are easy on the joints. 

In standard and Muay Thai style heavyweight bags, a mixture of sand and textile filling is used.


  • Canvas - Canvas is a cheap material, so if you are on a modest budget you might opt for a cheaper bag with canvas.
  • Plastic - Plastic is only used to make specific punching bags, such as punching bags with water filling. Not a great material for a heavyweight bag.
  • Synthetic Leather - Less expensive than genuine leather, but it looks and feels like leather without the expense. This is what you should opt for if you are striving for good quality but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. 
  • Leather - Leather is the most expensive material, but if your budget allows you to shell out for it you are getting the best material that a punching bag is made of.


There are many cheap and cheerful punching bags around the $50 mark ranging from the high-end quality models that can cost anywhere up to $500. 

It’s worth having a mid-range budget that allows you to buy high enough quality that is durable and meets your training needs. 


Many brands of punching bags are covered by a warranty ranging from 1 to 3 years. Read the warranty descriptions before you place your order.

Punching Bags FAQ

How do I know which punching bag to buy?

When shopping for a punching bag, knowing which bag is right for you depends on the kind of sport you are training for and what your goals are, in addition to your experience level.  

What is your training goal? Cardio? Building strength? Endurance? Velocity? Improving your footwork? Your reflexes?

In addition to the above, you’ll want to consider the quality, the type of punching bag, the size, and most importantly the price. 

Being clear about the above criteria will help you with a seamless punching bag shopping experience. 

When should you buy a heavy bag?

The average heavy punching bag weighs up to 200 pounds. They are suspended from the ceiling or a wall. It's best to get a heavyweight bag installed by a professional. 

If you want to install this in your home, you want to think about the kind of ceiling you have, will it be able to support almost 200 pounds. 

Shopping for heavy bags is great for warehouse-style gyms or your traditional gym but maybe too much for a normal home modest gym.

When should you use a free-standing punching bag?

The beauty of free-standing bags is they require zero mounting. They are attached to a sturdy base weighted down with either sand or water.

Free-standing bags are great for home gyms, or if you have limited wall installation space. They are portable, so if you want to move them from a room to the garage, you can do that. 

On the flip side, if you pack a powerful punch they can sway a bit, so you need to make sure you get a model that is the right weight and sturdy. 

How do you judge the quality of a punching bag?

You want to make sure that the punching bag is constructed from quality material, and offers the right amount of resistance for you, but is not too hard that you may injure yourself. 

The whole premise of a punching bag is that you’ll be hitting it repeatedly, so you want something that is durable and remains inflated. Over time fillers can get damaged, how easy is it to refill the bag? 

You’ll get what you pay for. Think of it as a long-term investment.

Should you always wear punching gloves when using a punching bag?

Yes is the short answer. Irrespective of your experience level, safety comes first. It’s important that you wear boxing gloves or wraps to prevent injury, cuts, and burns.

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