MaxxMMA Speed Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit

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No punching bag round-up is complete without the addition of the MaxxMMA Speed Adjustable Freestanding Reflex Bag Kit in your training repertoire.

Boasting an exclusive patented fastness adjustable freestanding reflex bag. The slow quickness mode is ideal for beginner level trainees and for the more experienced trainees the high-velocity mode pushes you outside your comfort zone and helps you get faster and better with every training.

It has top-quality PVC, chrome-plating steel and the spring passes the test of bending 120,000 times. Showing its durability and stability and making it an ideal companion to help relieve stress, get good cardio under your belt, and fine-tune your MMA training. 

MaxxMMA sets a new standard for training with a reflex bag that will help you to practice bobbing, weaving, punching as the bag returns, or blocking the bag with your arms or shoulders to prevent it from hitting you. All are essential techniques needed to improve swiftness and agility

The base fills with 30 pounds of water or 55 pounds of sand to provide a heavy-duty base. 

It's ideal for kids, teens, men, and women with an adjustable height, making the MaxxMMA equipment the whole family can shop and use. 

Once you have the MaxxMMA Reflex Bag Kit there's no telling whether you'll toe the line!

Key Features
  • Complete fighting set - inflatable punchball velocity bag, durable base, spring-loaded adjustable shaft & inflation pump
  • Exclusive patented velocity adjustable freestanding reflex bag (slow/fast)
  • Adjustable height of the punching ball from 48 to 61.5 inches
  • Top-quality PVC, chrome plating
  • Spring passes the test of bending 120,000 times
  • The plastic base tank can be filled with water or sand
  • The reflex bag is inflatable

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