Everlast 40 Pound Heavy Bag

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A punching bag from the boxing giant Everlast makes it into our list, this time with the Everlast 40 Pound Heavy Bag

The 40 pound is the ideal lightweight punching bag to give you dutch courage to put on your boxing gloves and get into the ring as a newbie.

This heavyweight bag offers intense cardio workouts and won't dodge from your kicks and punches with its synthetic and natural fibers providing the perfect level of shock absorbency. 

Made with textured, everstrike sign material for maximum resilience and at the same time sports an outer shell that's soft and comfortable to hit. 

The double-end loop allows you to anchor the punch bag for greater control and continuous striking. 

You'll be exhausted after a workout with the Everlast 40 Pound Bag, but don't be tempted to throw in the towel until you've given it you're all.

Key Features
  • Premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing
  • Specially blended filler mix of sanitized synthetic & natural fibers provide shock absorbency
  • Nylon straps provide security & safety
  • Double-end loop provides increased functionality
  • The 40-inch bag can take punches, kicks & knees from all angles
  • For faster checkout combine with an Everlast Bag Stand for easy installation (stand not included)

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