Dripex Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

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You'll be hard-pressed to find a more awe-inspiring bag than the Dripex Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag, making it a top choice to give as a gift to yourself or a loved one as a stress reliever and strength builder. 

It's a monumental self-supporting bag that takes minimal space in any home or gym and due to the rounded ABS base tank, the base is constructed perfectly to enable easy roll to relocate the punching bag should you desire.

Underneath the base, there are 12 suction cups to prevent the base from moving. Making this heavyweight bag robust enough to handle brute force. 

Boasting a stainless steel tube stand and a PU leather bag cover and having an EPE foam stuffing, along with a solid base means the Dripex Freestanding Bag can handle blow after blow.  

The cherry on the cake comes in the form of a first-in-class shock-absorbing system and has unique silencing material to significantly reduce the sound. 

So you don't disturb your family or neighbors if you engage in hardcore training at strange hours. 

To ensure greater stability, fill the base with sand to ensure it withstands intensive force. 

With the Dripex Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag, no one will judge you if you aim for below the belt. 

Key Features
  • PU leather layer - durable & comfortable
  • Fabric buffer layer - provides shock absorption
  • High-density foam for maximum impact
  • 4x springs & 2x TPR-blocks offer noise absorption
  • Detachable springs - option to remove springs to minimize vibration
  • Round ABS base tank, to be filled with sand or water
  • 12 strong suction cups beneath the base to prevent movement
  • Tear-resistant

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