Aqua Training 75 Pound Punching Bag

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Aqua Training Bags offer breathtaking punch bags via their Aqua Training 75 Pound Punching Bag model. Each bag is individually hand-swirled and produced with a unique swirl pattern, so no two bags are identical. 

Available in 7 different colors such as fireball orange, bad-boy blue, and power punch pink, selecting a punching bag for total beginners or boxing champions just became super fun in the color of your choice! 

Aqua Training brags a revolutionary design with its teardrop shape and water-filled interior, which absorbs the impact of each strike. Ensuring your workout is intense and you'll find yourself never wanting to have a punching bag filled with sand again.

Made in the good old US of A, Aqua Training has thick-walled vinyl and injection-molded ends and was designed to withstand the most vicious of strikes. 

Ideal for boxing training, mixed martial arts, and general fitness training, this bag will shred you and bring out your boxing killer instinct in the ring.

Key Features
  • Search 7 eye-catching colors
  • Revolutionary design - teardrop shape & interior filled with water
  • Made in the USA
  • Thick-walled vinyl punch bag
  • UV resistant & waterproof
  • A portable hanging bag that can be suspended from a ceiling mount or an Aqua Punching Bag Stand (not included)
  • High & low-pressure adjustments

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