Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag

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The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag is an impressive lifelike mannequin, with skin constructed of high-strength plastisol that offers the ideal striking surface for perfect jabs, cross punches, and sidekicks.

Where Century BOB really shines is offering you the opportunity to train for self-defense, to target strikes to specific parts of the body, or disarm an opponent in mixed martial arts, whilst having fun and getting the feeling you're striking a real opponent. 

With an adjustable height from 60 inches to 78 inches, Century BOB is versatile no matter what your height. 

What's more, it helps you build range as a fighter to be able to spar with different-sized opponents. 

When filled with water, Century BOB weighs 270 pounds, allowing it to withstand a healthy amount of force. 

As a free-standing bag, Century BOB takes minimal space and doesn't sway side to side as a mounted traditional bag would. It's ideal for practicing at home in your garage or backyard. 

The cost of Century BOB does pack a punch, but if your aim is to strengthen your contact target practice you won't be disappointed with Century BOB, which will enable you to beat someone to the punch!

Key Features
  • Lifelike mannequin with vinyl skin color on male head & torso
  • The inner cavity is filled with high-density urethane foam
  • 7 adjustable heights from 60 inches to 78 inches
  • Low profile base fills with sand or water
  • Base is included
  • Unfilled: 37 pounds. 270 pounds when filled with water
  • Made in the USA

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