Mark Sisson

NYT bestselling author of The KetoReset Diet, former endurance athlete, and founder of MarksDailyApple, PrimalKitchenCo, and the PrimalBlueprint.

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Mark Sisson, the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet and also the highly successful Primal Blueprint, is a former world-class endurance athlete as well as one of the most influential voices in the Evolutionary Health Movement. He has even gone on to found his own product line, Primal Kitchen!

Through his blog,, Mark has shown Primal fans how to defy traditional diet and workout standards and take control of their health outcomes.

He has been a tireless advocate of taking small, achievable steps to transform your diet, lifestyle, and overall health. Mark emphasizes the importance of eating real food, moderation in all things, and getting adequate sleep and exercise for optimal performance.

Mark is an extremely experienced and knowledgeable expert in fitness and nutrition who has dedicated his career to helping people understand the importance of making healthy lifestyle decisions.

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