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Primal Endurance

Escape chronic cardio and carbohydrate dependency and become a fat burning beast!

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Jan 04, 2016 | 380 Pages
Primal Endurance

Primal Endurance turns the standard on its head and questions the insistence of a high-pressure, ineffectual approach to endurance training.

Although marathons and triathlons are widely embraced for their satisfaction and fellowship among competitors, most athletes find themselves fatigued beyond measure with too much body fat even after devoting long stretches to exercising.

The conventional "chronic cardio" approach encourages carbohydrate addiction, a stressful lifestyle, and eventual burnout.

Mark Sisson, the celebrated bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint and prominent leader of the primal/paleo lifestyle movement, is an expert in applying his knowledge to endurance training and racing.

In contrast to the multitude of self-proclaimed and fleeting experts who have recently surfaced in the fitness industry, Mark Sisson and his business partner Brad Kearns possess a plentiful background in endurance sports.

Mark Sisson is a world-renowned athlete, having achieved a 2:18 marathon and 4th place Hawaii Ironman finish. He has also played an integral role in establishing the international triathlon union's anti-doping program and coached/advised renowned athletes such as Olympic gold medalist Simon Whitfield and Dave Zabriskie of Tour de France.

With Mark's guidance, Kearns earned multiple national championships in duathlon and triathlon before ascending to the #3 global ranking for Triathlons in 1991.

Primal Endurance offers an extensive approach to endurance training, such as eating according to primal guidelines for decreased carbohydrate dependency and enhanced fat metabolism.

It also entails comfortably paced workouts that build up an aerobic base, introducing high-intensity strength and sprint exercises strategically, emphasizing rest and recovery with proper periodization every year. Furthermore, it encourages intuitive instead of robotic approaches toward fixed weekly workout schedules.

Primal Endurance encourages you to take it slow, find equilibrium, and enjoy your endurance activities. It is a lifestyle of healthful training habits that will improve your well-being rather than damage it as a result of extreme exercise.

You can become faster by taking a less aggressive and more natural approach to your training program. With Primal Endurance, you'll learn exactly how easy it is and get the results that you want in no time.

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