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How To Improve Your Triathlon Time

A relaxed and intuitive approach to avoid burnout, go faster, and have more fun!

Profile picture of brad-kearns Brad Kearns (Author)
Feb 23, 2021 | 182 Pages
How To Improve Your Triathlon Time

In How To Improve Your Triathlon Time, New York Times bestselling author and former US national champion Brad Kearns promotes a balanced approach to the obsessive sport of triathlon. He offers a refreshing alternative to the common struggle and suffer mentality that plagues many athletes.

Kearns' book provides a comprehensive plan for busy people who want to train for a triathlon, based on his own decades of experience as an athlete and coach. It includes stories from some of the greatest triathletes and coaches of all time.

You’ll no longer feel the need to excessively train every week, and instead, you'll learn how to cultivate an intuition-based approach. You'll also gain a comprehensive understanding of foundational concepts that previous training schedules have been lacking, such as:

  • Building your aerobic base: Training at the optimal heart rates to build your fitness base and fat-burning capabilities without interruption from high-stress workouts.
  • Periodization: Dividing the calendar year into different training cycles to peak on demand, recover completely, and minimize overtraining risks.
  • The most important workouts are the ones that are challenging enough to help you make progress.
  • Intensity: You need to do high-intensity workouts, but in a way that won't lead to injury or burnout.
  • Mindset: It's crucial to have the right mindset, which means getting rid of negative beliefs and becoming more confident.
  • Intuition: Aid athletes in making the best training decisions, manage their health while maintaining fitness, and finally provide ways to shift from a regimented lifestyle to one based on intuition.

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