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Author, #1 USA masters 55-59 high jumper, former #3 world pro triathlete, podcast host.

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Brad Kearns is a New York Times bestselling author, professional Speedgolfer, Guinness World Record-setting high jumper in 2020 (#1 USA-ranked Masters age 55-59), and former national champion triathlete (#3 world-ranked).

He has authored twenty books on diet, health, peak performance, and ancestral living. He's also a popular speaker who regularly hosts retreats as well as the face of Primal Blueprint online multimedia educational courses.

Brad leads the B.rad podcast on achieving a wholesome lifestyle, peaking performance, and personal development in an amusing way.

Brad has created a male-only transformation program called the "MOFO Mission" which emphasizes nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to optimize hormone function and maintain passion and competitiveness in life.

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