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The Primal Connection

Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness

Profile picture of mark-sisson Mark Sisson (Author)
Jan 08, 2013 | 300 Pages
The Primal Connection

The hectic pace of everyday life prevents you from noticing a harsh reality: you are disconnected.

Cut off from the ancient knowledge of your genetic composition, created through eons of natural selection, you have lost sight of how to lead healthy and harmonious lives. Horns honking, coworkers babbling, and mechanical clatter create a cacophony that assaults your senses continually.

Excessive artificial lighting and digital stimulation are continuously wearing down your nervous system. Traffic jams, long queues, disturbances, interruptions, and larger-than-life egos have become such an entrenched part of daily life that you're rarely even aware of the tranquility which has been lost in the process.

In The Primal Connection, bestselling author of The Primal Blueprint Mark Sisson provides step-by-step guidelines to reconnect you with the primal parts of the human brain that trigger the release of feel-good hormones and promote optimal gene expression.

With The Primal Connection, you can set a daily pace that works for you, reestablish your ideals and values, take the time to play games or travel on captivating adventures while still easily accessing modern-day comforts; find moments of reflection by yourself or surrounded by close friends and family members; ultimately aiming at achieving maximum restorative sleep.

The Primal Blueprint is designed around the core principles of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, with a primary focus on two essential components to living optimally: consuming primal foods and exercising in ways that stimulate gene expression.

These lifestyle laws are intended to bring about life-altering transformations for those who commit to them.

The Primal Connection delves into the human psyche and works to reverse the mental disconnect created by highly advanced modern lives. Through this book, readers can learn how to get back in touch with their primal selves and reconnect with nature.

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