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Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking

Profile picture of maria-emmerich Maria Emmerich (Author)
Mar 15, 2016 | 400 Pages
Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking

Have you heard of the ketogenic diet? It's a dietary plan that helps your body to shift from burning sugar for energy, to using fat as fuel.

Not only are the recipes quick and easy to make, but they're also created with your body's ketosis in mind. They contain no grains, instead relying solely on genuine whole foods that adhere to Paleo principles. In other words - you can have a tasty meal without sacrificing any of those essential health benefits!

For those who are restricted to nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian meals - never fear! Quick Easy Ketogenic Cooking has you covered. Preparing wholesome keto dishes is simpler than ever with the help of this cookbook; guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

Swap out sugary snacks for healthy fats and watch your body transform! By relying on the ketogenic diet to provide most of your energy needs, you'll not only notice a significant improvement in overall health but also feel lighter as the extra weight melts away.

For decades, the ketogenic diet has been medically employed to treat not only epilepsy but also obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and other autoimmune disorders.

Learn to become a fat burner with Quick Easy Ketogenic Cooking! This comprehensive cookbook includes an overview of the ketogenic diet, plus 170 delicious recipes that are quick and easy to make. Transform your body and ignite weight loss with this simple lifestyle guide full of mouthwatering meals.

To make your keto journey easier and more successful, several tips and tricks as well as six meal plans were created - two weekly and four monthly- with the goal of making meal planning hassle-free.

And if that wasn't enough, there are also suggestions on how to eat out while still living the keto life! Remember: Your health matters so don't forget to take the time to invest in it!

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