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The Circadian Code

Lose Weight, Supercharge Your Energy, and Transform Your Health from Morning to Midnight

Jun 12, 2018 | 288 Pages
The Circadian Code

Just like other people, you likely experience the same hunger pangs and desire for sleep at roughly the same time each day.

If you’ve ever ventured across time zones or stayed up too late, then you likely understand the difficulty in maintaining a regular schedule.

Unfortunately for some people, this irregularity is an ongoing struggle - feeling sleepy during nighttime hours, being hungry at unexpected times, and having episodes of exhaustion throughout the day.

If you are among those people, Dr. Satchin Panda--one of the leading circadian rhythms researchers in the world--has a plan to help reset your body clock for good!

The Circadian Code enlightens you on the essentiality of the circadian clock, how it operates, and how to recognize when something is off-track. It then guides you in making lifestyle changes that will help get your body's natural rhythm back into sync.

This program provides a clear strategy to aid in weight loss, optimize your sleep schedule, maximize your workout routine, and eliminate the effect of technology on your body's natural cycle.

With Dr. Panda's revolutionary techniques, you can avoid or even reverse serious medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and dementia. Additionally, not only can microbiome issues like acid reflux, heartburn, and irritable bowel disease be remedied but also be prevented in the first place!

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