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Your Healthy Self

Optimizing Health, Brain Cells to Stem Cells

Apr 25, 2019 | 120 Pages
Your Healthy Self

Regan Archibald is here to change your perception of health and life. With his program, "Your Healthy Self", you will embark on a journey that emphasizes how all-encompassing wellness can be achieved through everyday transformations.

In this book, you will gain enlightenment on:

  • The essential needs of the brain for maximal health.
  • How an ideal eating schedule promotes energy and well-being.
  • What is necessary in order to live a healthy life.
  • How stem cells can end pain and increase your lifespan, as well as how to align with the natural circadian rhythms of the body -all provided through strategic tools!

Regan has been a health advocate for over 20 years and continues to share his knowledge of practical and holistic approaches to health. He believes that the fundamentals of being healthy are understanding what your body needs in order to function optimally; this includes adequate sleep, regular exercise, and proper nutrition.

Included in "Your Healthy Self" are the tools and strategies to give you a full understanding of how to create and maintain your own healthy lifestyle.

Regan's approach is simple: when you understand the basics of health, you have all the right pieces to start taking control of what will ultimately become your optimal reality.

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