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Now Is the Way

An Unconventional Approach to Modern Mindfulness

Profile picture of cory-allen Cory Allen (Author)
Profile picture of aubrey-marcus Aubrey Marcus (Foreword)
Sep 24, 2019 | 208 Pages
Now Is The Way

If you're looking to improve your life and feel more present, even if you don't like meditating, then this book is for you. The Astral Hustle's popular host Cory Allen guides readers on how to hack their minds for a better life.

In plain language, he provides people with the tools they need to live in "the wow of now."

In this guide, Allen makes mindfulness more accessible and understandable for readers who want to learn how to use it as a tool for reducing stress, and anxiety, and achieving greater peace of mind.

Now Is the Way is a guide on how to live your life one present moment at a time, with input from my lifelong personal journey as well as interviews with experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, and philosophy.

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