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Before the Change

Taking Charge of Your Perimenopause

Sep 05, 2017 | 313 Pages
Before the Change

As a world-renowned nutritionist and author of the immensely successful Fat Flush Plan, I offer an updated edition of this popular guide to help women take control of their perimenopause.

This revised version contains fresh research including the newest data on Hormone Replacement Therapy, emotional ups, and downs, weight gain as well as nutritional advice tailored for those aged over 35.

The Change not only offers a gentle and validated step-by-step program to help you comprehend your physical changes during perimenopause, but also provides proven strategies to manage the accompanying symptoms. Take control of this vital stage in life today and get ready to feel amazing!

Unlock the secrets of perimenopause with this comprehensive guide! Get an insightful comprehension of symptoms and take a self-diagnosis quiz.

Plus, explore secure and natural alternatives to hormone therapy such as healing vitamins, herbs, minerals, and hormones. Also, gain access to helpful nutrition tips that prevent & diminish any potential signs from appearing with guidelines for healthy eating habits.

This section contains more details regarding the advantages and disadvantages of soy as a phytoestrogen. Furthermore, it delves into hypothyroidism in-depth, linking it to hormone imbalances while also providing natural remedies.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is appraised, including tips for safely discontinuing synthetic hormones alongside an informative overview of herbal treatments, lifestyle modifications, and dietary choices that are suitable for women with hysterectomies or conditions such as breast cancer; osteoporosis; or heart disease.

Free yourself from the chaos of hormone imbalance with this easy-to-follow DIY program and experience natural, safe relief!

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