Vibrating Foam Rollers

Vibrating Foam Rollers

Vibrating massage rollers are also known as foam rollers that vibrate, and their usage is for self-massage that is typically done on the ipsilateral side of the muscle.

Having a massage roller that vibrates allows for more precise massage, as it can hit single-point areas of the body with greater ease and convenience. Different models have different speeds of vibration, but some are adjustable.

Vibrating foam rollers massage the muscles to reduce stiffness, spasms, and cramping. Recovering from a strenuous workout or sport is faster due to better blood flow.

The roller massages deep into the muscle tissue to relax the fascia which often restricts blood flow resulting in less damage during workouts.

The massage action reduces inflammation by flushing out lactic acid buildup and other toxins. The vibration massage helps improve circulation which also provides additional healing benefits after workouts or injuries.

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