URBNFit Vibrating Foam Roller

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Whether you are a beginner or a professional roller, roll away your muscle pain with the URBNFit Vibrating Foam Roller, made for every level roller.  

The URBNFit foam roller is made with an eco-friendly ABS plastic interior and EVA foam on the exterior with a smooth finish and customized honeycomb grooves.

Boasting 5 vibration levels, you can switch between low and high-intensity massaging levels to help relieve sore muscles that include your calves, hips, lower/upper back, shoulders, arms, and more. 

Build to last with long battery life and with generous 6-hour battery life, you'll get serious mileage and speed up your recovery routine. 

There are unlimited ways to use the URBNFit Vibrating Foam Roller, be it for the glutes, IT Bands, upper back, feet, hips, and calves, allowing you to get your money's worth.

Increase your flexibility and mobility with the URBNFit Vibrating Foam Roller, we dare you!

Key Features
  • Honeycomb pattern
  • 5 vibrational speeds
  • High-density foam
  • Red light indicator
  • Rechargeable battery, with 6 hours battery life
  • USB charging
  • Eco-friendly ABS plastic interior & EVA foam on the exterior
  • Maximum user weight: 300 pounds

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