FITINDEX Electric Foam Roller

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If you're looking for a vibrating foam roller that combines pressure and vibration massage to improve muscle recovery and performance, look no further than the FITINDEX Electric Foam Roller.

It can be used for warm-ups, cooldowns, functional training, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. 

The deep tissue trigger foam roller has 3 special waved pattern designs. Thinner water ripples, wider water ripples, and the widest water ripples provide you with 3 unique massages patterns in 1 vibrating roller foam. 

Boasting 5 vibration settings and 1 frequency conversion, FITINDEX offers you 5 levels of powerful speed settings with frequency conversion. 

High penetration muscle soothing and deep stimulation is provided by combining with frequency conversion. The vibration levels vary from 2400 RPM to 3400 RPM. 

FITINDEX is designed with a USB charging port, once fully charged it offers a battery life of up to two hours at the highest speed level. 

Constructed from environmental and high-density texted EVA foam, it has excellent durability and vibration transfer. 

It's time you incorporated the FITINDEX Electric Foam Roller into your warm-up and post-workout recovery routine!

Key Features
  • 3 unique massage textures
  • High-frequency vibration
  • 5 vibration speeds (ranging from 2400 RPM - 3400 RPM)
  • 1 frequency conversion
  • USB charging port
  • High-density textured EVA foam
  • Travel bag

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