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Whole Body Barefoot

Transitioning Well to Minimal Footwear

Profile picture of katy-bowman Katy Bowman (Author)
Apr 05, 2015 | 180 Pages
Whole Body Barefoot

World-renowned biomechanist and author of Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief, Katy Bowman provides an effortless comprehension for walkers, runners, and healthcare professionals alike on how the structure of shoes can be a contributing factor in causing painful feet, knees, and hips - not to mention remedies for such discomfort!

If you experience sore feet and weak ankles, it can be tempting to rely on stiff shoes with strong support. However, this is not a long-term solution if the problem stems from foot or leg weakness.

In actuality, human bodies are outfitted with phenomenal "foot technology." All people have to do is discover how to properly deploy it!

The trend of wearing minimal footwear―a kind of shoe that lets your feet move freely but still provides protection―is quickly growing in popularity. Being barefoot is our natural state, yet research warns us against going au naturel since it can result in injury. That's why opting for a protective layer like minimal shoes makes perfect sense!

Whole Body Barefoot provides a safe and reliable way to switch to minimal footwear, so you can enjoy the countless advantages of freeing your feet without risking injury.

Achieve strong, supple feet with Whole Body Barefoot's 25 exercises. Learn the mechanics of bunions and pronation, how to strengthen weak ankles and arches, the importance of walking on natural surfaces (also known as "Vitamin Texture!"), plus determine your true shoe size for optimal comfort!

With evidence-backed information, Bowman unveils how habitual shoes and built-up settings render inactive feet while simultaneously providing the necessary steps to reinstate lost foot flexibility - all without invasive treatment or medications!

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