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Diastasis Recti

The Whole-body Solution to Abdominal Weakness and Separation

Profile picture of katy-bowman Katy Bowman (Author)
Feb 01, 2016 | 234 Pages
Diastasis Recti

Abdominal muscles serve many vital functions, such as twisting the spine safely, accommodating pregnancy, protecting organs in the abdomen, and even helping you breathe.

Many people think that the only way to fix their middle is through crunches and other abdominal exercises when in reality things like tight shoulder muscles, poor posture habits, and even breathing patterns can be affecting what’s going on in your abs.

In her book Diastasis Recti, biomechanist Katy Bowman:

  • Gives 30+ exercises, categorized as small, medium, or large.
  • Shows how to properly engage the core muscles by not only including essential parts such as the shoulders and pelvis but also explaining why it’s better to think of a diastasis (abdominal hernias) as a symptom rather than “the problem."
  • Teaches 5 simple postural adjustments to change the forces on the front of the abdomen which can help alleviate some stress from these areas.
  • Proves that in addition to exercise, sitting, standing, and walking correctly are key for developing muscle memory for a stronger overall posture.

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