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Move Your DNA

Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement, 2nd Edition

Profile picture of katy-bowman Katy Bowman (Author)
May 01, 2017 | 298 Pages
Move Your DNA

The phrase "movement is medicine" is often repeated, but how movement heals us is rarely explained. When we move our limbs to get around, every cell in our body moves too. Each type of movement affects our cells differently.

You will gain a new perspective on things after reading this book, including:
Why it's beneficial to have a physical therapist or personal trainer who can teach you about alignment and "good form."

Enabling you to adapt to your daily positioning more than you realize!
Simply moving more is not enough, you need to move all parts of your body regularly in order to stay healthy. This applies to everyone, from sedentary people to athletes.

In this paradigm-shifting book, you'll learn about:
The human body's need for certain movements―like walking, squatting, hanging, and carrying loads―that our current culture lacks.
How many of the ailments you face today are actually due to how little you move and how stiff your bodies have become as a result?
Body issues are often more accurately symptoms of "movement malnutrition."

In Move Your DNA, you'll find:
40+ corrective exercises to target problem areas in your body that don't seem to respond well to the movement (even when the rest of you are very active). Alignment checks and a guide for how to incorporate more walking movements into your lifestyle.

This guide is perfect for yoga and Pilates teachers, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, physical therapists, athletes - really anyone who wants to improve their movement. It's based on science but also written with humor and passion.

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