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The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss

Profile picture of mark-hyman-m-d Mark Hyman, M.D (Author)
Mar 10, 2006 | 368 Pages

The human body is designed to maintain weight and keep it on because this was a matter of survival during ancient times. This is why people find it difficult to lose weight.

The average person who goes on a diet gains five pounds, which is counterproductive and discouraging. However, there is a medical movement underway that explains how to fight the forces that maintain weight in order to burn fat permanently. The key is learning to cooperate with our bodies instead of against them--this will activate the hidden mechanism for burning fat naturally.

In his new book, Dr. Mark Hyman finally makes the science of weight loss available to regular people. This medical breakthrough is called Nutrigenomics, the study of how food affects our genes.

The science behind this is quite simple. The food one consumes contains information and instructions for our bodies. Eat the right foods to send messages of weight loss and health, or eat the wrong foods to trigger weight gain and disease.

Dr. Hyman has discovered the seven fundamental causes of obesity after spending the last ten years conducting research with over two thousand patients at Canyon Ranch, one of the world's leading health resorts.

No fad diet has ever taken into account all of the causes of weight gain, but UltraMetabolism does just that. This simple plan integrates all causes and promises automatic weight loss.

UltraMetabolism is an eight-week plan, catered to your specific needs, that will help you lose weight. Dr. Hyman understands that each person's body operates differently and may require more or less of certain nutrients than others in order to activate their fat-burning DNA. Thus, he provides a guide on how best to customize the program for yourself.

The program not only provides menus, recipes, and shopping lists but also recommendations for supplements and exercise designed to help you maintain a healthy metabolism and achieve permanent weight loss.

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