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Stop the Clock

The Optimal Anti-Aging Strategy

Profile picture of p-d-mangan P. D. Mangan (Author)
Jun 20, 2015 | 98 Pages
Stop the Clock

Advances in the science of aging have opened doors to slowing down or even reversing its effects. There are now numerous interventions that can be utilized to ensure a healthier, more youthful life.

This book's program is economical, cost-effective, and fully backed by today’s most recent research on anti-aging. All you need to succeed in this plan is a bit of self-discipline - everything else comes for free!

The evolutionary biology of humans has bestowed society with inherited ways of life, yet the current world's urge for immediate satisfaction to our fundamental needs - particularly hunger - implies that human genes are becoming unfit for lifestyle led.

In these days of convenience and immediacy, people often forget the wisdom of ancestors: that in order to maintain vitality and longevity, one must challenge their body with physical activity and nourish it with natural foods.

Intermittently pushing your physical limits not only helps you preserve a youthful appearance but also reduces the risk of age-related diseases so that you can enjoy a healthier life for longer!

Similar to a critic, the human body is constantly evolving and adapting by demolishing old structures in order to rebuild itself with new ones. This continual process of renewal ensures that you're always developing toward your highest potential.

In your youth, the power of self-renewal is in full effect. But as you age, this natural process begins to slow down and weaken. Stop the Clock reveals how a few simple lifestyle changes can help invigorate our capacity for self-renewal and potentially reverse aging effects.

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