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body restoration - an owner's manual

Apr 14, 2011 | 202 Pages
Body Restoration

In Part One, you'll learn about the physiologic functions of organs and glands in your body as well as how to keep them running optimally. In the second part, you will delve into the fundamental origins of disease.

You will learn to recognize the early signs of such diseases and what steps you should take to treat or prevent them.

In Part Three, you will explore different methods of restoring your body's health. Focusing on nutrition, exercise, rest and relaxation, herbs, and supplements, as well as alternative treatments like acupuncture. You will develop a comprehensive understanding of how to restore balance and vitality in your body.

The fourth part of the book provides tips on how to foster self-care, touch upon mental/emotional health, and learn simple ways to incorporate stress management into your life. You'll also find out how to become an active partner with your healthcare providers.

The fifth part of the book will explore how to create a personalized health plan that works with your lifestyle and unique needs. It will also introduce you to various healing modalities that can help along your journey to optimal health.

Finally, in Part Six, you'll find out more about how to maintain health over the long term, and what to do if you experience a setback in your health. You'll also learn about the importance of preventive care and how it can support your lifelong health goals.

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