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The Spirit of the Blood

Aug 18, 2022 | 272 Pages
The Spirit of the Blood

Uncover the meaning of lab results through Chinese medicine with this innovative guidebook! This text provides astute insight into assessing and comprehending laboratory tests, enabling readers to better understand their own health.

With decades of expertise and knowledge, Randine Lewis makes it simple for practitioners to bridge the gap between Western medicine and Chinese medicine.

By combining both approaches in a straightforward manner that is based on Oriental principles regarding illness and healing, her work allows medical professionals to stay true to their core values while also providing measurable biomedical results.

This book delves into the intricacies of traditional Chinese medicine and equips readers with the essential knowledge to refine their treatment plans. It elucidates how pathologic states emerge, providing insight into a variety of topics such as physiology and pathology.

Acupuncture encourages practitioners to move away from the trepidation-driven mindset that is often found in some western medicinal approaches and instead emphasize treating, as well as understanding, seemingly minuscule imbalances before they appear in lab tests.

The primary emphasis will be on the most commonly presented medical ailments that bring people to a clinic, as well as assessing how conventional pharmaceuticals influence Chinese medicine patterns.

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