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Your Blood Never Lies

How to Read a Blood Test for a Longer, Healthier Life

Jul 02, 2013 | 371 Pages
Your Blood Never Lies

Most people trust their physician to make sense of the data in their blood tests, which tell a lot about the condition of one's health.

A blood test can provide you with a wide range of valuable information about your health, such as how efficiently your kidneys and liver are performing, the probability of developing heart disease or diabetes, the potency of your immune system, plus much more.

Until now, the majority of people have been unable to interpret these results accurately and even struggled to ask the right questions. However, that has all changed!

Dr. James LaValle's best-selling book, Your Blood Never Lies, unravels the mysteries of blood test results in an understandable and simple way.

From medical terms to lab reports' numbers and percentages to laboratory jargon - everything is explained clearly for readers who have no prior knowledge about it.

This amazing guide simplifies a complex topic so that everyone can access all relevant information with ease!

To help you become the master of your own health, Dr. LaValle not only provides clear and easily-understood explanations for each of the biological markers found on your blood test results but also recommends both conventional and alternative treatments to address any issues that arise. With this power in your hands, you can take charge of what matters most—your well-being!

To ensure a detailed understanding of your overall health, the book explores how to interpret lab values beyond conventional blood tests. This way, you can obtain an in-depth overview of your physiological state and make informed decisions for yourself.

By analyzing your blood, you can uncover a plethora of information about the state of your health - if only you are able to understand what it all means. That's why Your Blood Never Lies is here: to provide you with reliable and up-to-date knowledge so that you can gain mastery over your well-being.

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