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Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself

How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

Feb 15, 2013 | 360 Pages
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Discover how to reprogram your biology and thinking, and break the habit of being yourself so you can truly change your mind and life.

According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, you are not permanently fated by your genetics and have the power to alter your life in unimaginable ways.

Recent scientific studies are revealing that every human being has the power to manifest the life they desire.

In Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, Dr. Joe Dispenza has created a captivating read that blends quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics to uncover exactly what's taking place in our minds and bodies on a daily basis.

Not only will you receive the resources to alter your energy, but with our comprehensive guidance and instruction, you'll be able to apply these tools effortlessly in all aspects of life for positive results.

Dr. Joe empowers individuals to see connections between science and spirituality by demystifying the concept of consciousness and ancient understandings.

By attending his life-changing lectures and workshops, thousands of individuals in 24 various countries have already utilized these teachings to fundamentally change themselves.

By engaging in this process and altering your mindset, you can expect an unparalleled transformation that will forever alter the course of your life!

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