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Becoming Supernatural

How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

Profile picture of gregg-braden Gregg Braden (Foreword)
Oct 31, 2017 | 384 Pages
Becoming Supernatural

Becoming Supernatural seamlessly combines cutting-edge science with timeless wisdom to demonstrate how regular people can cultivate a more mystical existence.

By acquainting themselves with the right instruction and expertise, readers will uncover that they are in fact supernatural. When these teachings are carried out through meditations, individuals should be able to unlock their creative potential even further; gaining access to frequencies beyond what is seen by the naked eye - allowing them to tap into more harmonious streams of consciousness and energy!

With conscious effort, one can adjust their brain chemistry to access profoundly spiritual experiences.

Furthermore, with repeated practice and repetition of this process, individuals can master the ability to foster greater physical balance and healthiness; a more open mind that is unrestricted by limitations; plus enhanced contact with soulful realms of truth.

Discover the power of healing your body and soul through understanding its 7 energy centers. Learn how to free yourself from the past, create reality in a generous present moment, and utilize the secret science of the pineal gland for accessing mystical realms.

You will also explore Space-Time vs Time-Space realities so you can have access to an entirely new level of knowledge!

Through a fusion of advanced physics and down-to-earth techniques such as walking meditation, Dr. Joe's program is designed to help you transcend the boundaries of physical reality and tap into an infinite domain of potential options.

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