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Life Is Simple

How Occam's Razor Set Science Free and Shapes the Universe

Sep 28, 2021 | 384 Pages
Life Is Simple

For centuries, Occam's razor has been heralded as a revolutionary concept that encourages people to search for simpler answers - and usually, the simplest solutions are also the most accurate.

In Life Is Simple, scientist Johnjoe McFadden uncovers centuries of invaluable discoveries and findings -- from a geocentric universe to quantum mechanics and DNA. Through this exploration, he proposes that simplicity can be the answer to some of life's most baffling mysteries - no mere coincidence or chance.

According to him, simplicity is the driving force behind all of nature's laws; from those that govern a ball in motion to evolutionary processes. It has even shaped the universe itself!

McFadden believes that life could only have been created through maximum simplicity, and as such, the fundamental law of existence is akin to a universal form of natural selection that promotes the endurance of the simplest.

McFadden revolutionizes your understanding of science and the universe's beginnings; with his reimagined perspective, one can gain a wholly new appreciation for themselves as well as their surroundings.

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