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Molecular geneticist, quantum biologist, and popular science author.

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Johnjoe McFadden was born in Ireland but completed his higher education at the University of London.

He graduated with a degree in biochemistry in 1977 and followed up by pursuing a Ph.D. specializing in fungal genetics from the same university before transitioning to human genetics, then eventually to microbial genetics research.

For nearly four decades, McFadden has been dedicated to understanding and shedding light on the virulence mechanisms of pathogens that cause tuberculosis and meningitis. His work helps us gain invaluable insight into microbial pathogenesis.

In addition to his prominent works, McFadden has composed noteworthy popular science pieces in a variety of fields from evolutionary genetics to quantum mechanics.

Captivated by adaptive mutation, McFadden and Jim Al-Khalili collaborated to write a paper in 1999 that proposed quantum mechanics' involvement in mutation.

This research was further developed into his book Quantum Evolution which argued for an even larger part of quantum mechanics within the field of biology.

His research in mainstream microbial genetics has been nothing short of groundbreaking, especially with his development of new systems biology approaches to battling infectious diseases.

In 2007 and 2010 respectively, he created the first digital metabolic models for tuberculosis bacillus and meningococcus - further proving his aptitude for pushing boundaries when it comes to finding solutions to health-related issues.

Johnjoe McFadden is an advocate of broadening public awareness in the sciences, and his memorable presentations span a wide range from evolution to GM food.

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