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LAST UPDATED: 24 Mar 2022

Best Smart Mattress

Staying Alive - Buying Guide

We spend one-third of our life sleeping. Considering the amount of time we spend sleeping in a bed, it’s imperative we get a comfortable night’s sleep. 

Sleep quality is essential to feeling refreshed and cognitively being productive during the day. So how do you know how well you’re sleeping and what your sleep health is like? 

We take it as a given that when we work out, we should know what our heart rate variability is. In order to burn fat, we need to work at a certain level to achieve our fitness goals and track other workout metrics. 

Smart mattress technology helps you do something similar for your sleep. It helps you monitor all the key metrics from the time you go to bed, sleep patterns, sleep stages, percentage of time spent in deep sleep, sleep disruptions, sleep position, to your overall sleep quality.  

You can then review your sleep data and start making changes to your sleep habits, the environment you sleep in to improve your sleep health.  

A smart bed allows you to do all of that and provide a comfortable sleeping experience. 

What’s more, many smart mattresses offer customizable options from special temperature control features to automatically adjust the mattress. Allowing a completely tailored sleep experience for you. 

Smart mattresses should be considered a long-term investment so whilst the price tag for a smart bed is nothing to balk at, think about the comfort and in-depth sleep data you’re getting with a smart bed every night, for at least the next decade. 

We’ve put together our list of the best smart mattresses to compliment your sleeping positions and provide insight into your sleep patterns via advanced sleep tracking. 

You’ll eliminate trouble sleeping and be in the driver’s seat of your overall sleep quality!  

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The Best Smart Mattresses

  • If you're looking to give yourself or your loved ones a generous smart bed gift, look no further than the Eight Sleep Pod.

    Its brought to you by Eight Sleep, a company that specializes in smart technology products and cutting-edge sleep tracking functionality.

    The Pod is a high-tech smart mattress that combines cooling and heating technology, designed to cater to your sleep needs.

    You can cool and heat each side of the bed from the Eight Sleep app.

    You can regulate the temperature and set timers for when cooling or heating temperatures should kick in.

    Constructed with mixed foam, comprising polyfoam and memory foam and a transitional support layer of condensed polyfoam.

    The premium active grid layer made of three-layer memory foam provides the right balance of contouring and support to your body.

    On a firmness scale, the Pod is a medium feel firmness. Allowing the right balance of support to the body and having the feeling of lying on the mattress and not sinking into it.

    Where the Eight Sleep Pod really is in a league of its own is its smart technology. The Pod mattress has sleep tracking sensors across the exterior.

    These sleep tracking sensors collate advanced individual sleep data, on each side of the bed, analyzing two sleepers. A true multi-tasker!

    Measurements gathered include sleep time, sleep cycle, heart rate variability, and how much you toss and turn during the night to name a few biometrics.

    This sleep data is then used to give a sleep score each night, determined by sleep quality, duration, and levels of recovery

    Access to your full sleep reports can be done remotely via the Pod's app settings leaving you footloose and fancy-free to get under the covers and sleep.

    The Eight Sleep app also allows you to adjust your temperature settings. You can pre-program your preferred temperature setting.

    That's not all, the app also has a white noise machine and an alarm functionality built-in.

    The Eight Sleep Pod is so much more than a mattress. It’s one of the best smart mattresses available, allowing you to take a step into a new era of sleeping the smart way!

    Key Features
    • 12-inch premium foam mattress with 5 layers of comfort
    • Automated cooling & heating
    • Dual-zone temperature for each side
    • Sleep tracking
    • Body & environment monitoring
    • Alarm - gentle rise technology
    • Sleep App by Eight
    • CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattress
    • Brand: Eight Sleep
    • Model: Pod
    • Size: Full - 52.5 x 74.5 x 11 inches
      Queen - 58.5 x 79.5 x 11 inches
      King - 74.5 x 79.5 x 11 inches
      California King - 70.5 x 83.5 x 11 inches
    • Thickness: 12 inches
    • The Eight Sleep is compatible with any style of bed frames
    • Temperature control for people who sleep warm or cold
    • The only mattress to track 2 sleepers’ sleep. Excellent smart bed for couples
    • Ideal sleep mattress for individuals interested in tracking sleep patterns
    • Heavier sleepers may prefer a firmer mattress
    • Can't pair with an adjustable bed base
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  • The Saatva Solaire is an impressive airbed made of several layers of mixed materials comprising layers of a pillow top, latex, foam memory, and vulcanized air chambers.

    Each side of the Solaire mattress has individually designed chambers, which you can inflate or deflate through the remote choosing from the 50 increments of firmness levels available.

    At 13 inches of density, the Solaire is a thick mattress offering an abundance of comfort and support. Making it ideal for couples who have different firmness preferences or sleepers who have heavier body weight.

    In addition to the standard version of the Solaire mattress, there is an Upper-Flex version, which is split in two at the head of the mattress, permitting each side to function independently of the adjustable base. Something most smart mattresses don’t offer.

    Ideal for sleepers who snore and want to remain slightly elevated but don't want to disturb their partner.

    The organic cotton cover allows the mattress to remain breathable and cool. Just press a button and let the adjustments happen.

    Not all smart mattresses are made equal and the Saatva Solaire is a testament of being a cut above the rest.

    Key Features
    • Organic cotton pillow top
    • OEKO-tex Standard 100 certified 5-zone Talalay latex
    • CertiPUR-US certified gel-infused memory foam
    • Moisture barrier
    • Vulcanized air chambers
    • Power edge enclosure
    • Dual air chambers to adjust the firmness
    • Seal of approval from Congress of Chiropractic State Associations
    • Brand: Saatva
    • Model: Solaire
    • Size: Twin XL - 38 x 80 inches
      Full - 54 x 75 inches
      Queen - 60 x 80 inches
      King - 76 x 80 inches
      California King - 72 x 84 inches
    • Thickness: 13 inches
    • 25-year warranty
    • 180-night trial
    • 90-day money-back guarantee
    • Free white glove delivery, inclusive of assembly
    • Good for sleepers who value firmness & adjustments to be elevated
    • Ideal for hot sleepers, seeking supportive edge & pressure relief
    • Pricey
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  • A powerhouse manufacturer in the mattress industry for airbed mattresses you'll become a fan of Sleep Number in no time. 

    The classic series offers the Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed which is a standout mattress offering comfort, adaptable to your needs.

    The 360 Smart Bed c2 is made of a 2-inch comfort layer of gel-infused polyfoam, providing great balance and support with a medium-firm firmness.

    The c2 Smart Bed allows you to adjust the firmness on each side of the mattress to suit your individual preference.

    A great innovation for couples who may prefer different firmness levels, the c2 Smart Bed allows you to change the setting on your side of the bed, without disrupting your other half.

    The c2 Smart Bed is ideal for you if you enjoy firmer sleep surfaces and dislike the feeling of sinking into your mattress but you don't want a super-dense mattress.

    With an 8 inch density, the c2 Smart Bed has a lower density level than some beds.

    The Sleep IQ score will give you insights into your sleep and put you in the navigation seat to improve your sleep quality!

    Key Features
    • 2 inches gel-infused airbed with a polyfoam comfort layer
    • Adjustable firmness with air chamber support core
    • Adaptable comfort & firmness on each side, with Sleep Number setting
    • Shows sleep quality - your SleepIQ score
    • Medium-firm firmness
    • Brand: Sleep Number
    • Model: 360 c2 Smart Bed
    • Size: Twin - 38 x 75 inches
      Full - 54 x 75 inches
      Queen - 60 x 80 inches
      King - 76 x 80 inches
      California King - 72 x 84 inches
    • Thickness: 8 inches
    • Complimentary home delivery
    • White glove option available
    • 100-night trial
    • 15-year limited warranty
    • Option to add a smart adjustable base to any size of Sleep Number beds
    • Ideal for sleepers with back pain, couples, TV watchers in bed & snorers
    • Ideal for couples with different firmness preferences
    • Sleepers who like below average mattress thickness
    • May sleep quite cool for some sleepers
    • No international shipping
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  • The GhostBed 3D Matrix Smartbed is a smart bed that has a layer of sensors that measure the pressure distribution for each side of the mattress.

    GhostBed's smart bed comes with 40 adjustable zones and has a firmness level of "Plush" to "Firm".

    The Smart bed also comes with a smart thermostat and "Ghost ice" cooling technology to keep you cool while sleeping. 

    If you're looking for an easy-to-use, comfortable mattress, built to upgrade the performance of any other mattress, then the 3D Matrix Smartbed is for you.

    The product comes with a companion app to help you find your perfect sleep position and set customized bed temperature control zones.

    You can also use the app to track your sleep activity, monitor the temperature of your mattress, and turn on/off the automatic function.

    The 3D matrix design adds comfort and support without sacrificing breathability. This is a great option for those looking for an elevated level of sleep comfort, performance, and convenience.

    The Ghostbed 3D Matrix SmartBed's quality materials are designed to keep the mattress cool during sleep. Its two-inch gel memory foam top layer is infused with graphite to repel heat.

    This is a great option for individuals who tend to get too hot while sleeping or suffer from allergies or asthma that may be exacerbated by dust mites. The mattress also comes with two free luxury GhostPillows.

    Experience the best in smart bed technology!

    Key Features
    • 12-inch thickness
    • 5-individual body zones
    • 40 settings for each individual zone
    • Ghost ice-cooling cover
    • 2-inch gel memory foam
    • 2-inch soft transition foam
    • 2,000 smart sensor points per side
    • 5 ergonomic & customizable zones
    • Adjustable air chambers
    • The 2-inch high-density support layer
    • 3 operating modes: manual, automatic & position
    • Firmness: Firm to plush
    • Easy to use Companion App
    • 2 free Luxury GhostPillows
    • Brand: GhostBed
    • Model: 3D Matrix SmartBed
    • Sizes: Twin - 38 x 75 inch
      Twin XL - 38 X 80 inch
      Full - 54 x 75 inch
      Queen - 60 x 80 inch
      King - 76 x 80 inch
      California King - 72 x 84 inch
      Split King - 76 x 80 inch
    • 101-night sleep trial
    • 25-year warranty
    • Smart mattress technology
    • Made in the USA & Canada
    • Customizable for all sleeper types
    • Adjust the 5 individual body zones on each side to design your perfect mattress
    • Ideal for those seeking a mattress that elevates for special sleeping conditions
    • Real-time adjustments - Smart sensors read body pressure and adjust in real-time as you sleep
    • Expensive
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  • Sleep Number has made it into our best smart mattresses list, with the impressive Sleep Number 360 m7 Smart Bed

    Sleep Number 360 is manufactured with 5 inches of gel memory foam, providing cushioning and conformity, being a huge hit with side sleepers. 

    For sleepers who sleep hot, relief is here with CoolFit technology, which absorbs excess heat and releases it to keep you feeling cool as you sleep. 

    The firmness of the mattress is soft to medium-firm. You can inflate or deflate the firmness as you desire. If you are a fan of a softer mattress, the Sleep Number 360 delivers for your needs.

    The higher your sleep score, the more the five air chambers fill, and the firmer the mattress becomes, for sleepers who are fans of a medium-firm mattress.

    If that isn't impressive, the Sleep Number Smart Bed has dual air adjustability, allowing you and your partner to adjust your individual bedsides according to your varying preferences.

    For all you tech junkies out there, you can track all key sleep metrics via the Sleep Number Sleep IQ technology, and the report can be accessed using WiFi. 

    There's no beating around the bush, the m7 Smart Bed doesn't come cheap. It's a luxury bed for health enthusiasts who want to take charge of their sleep pronto. 

    One of the best smart beds available on the market.

    Key Features
    • Cooling memory foam
    • Dual adjustable air chambers & firmness on each side
    • Responsive Air technology
    • SleepIQ score via SleepIQ technology
    • Dynamic pressure relief
    • Temperature control
    • Firmness: soft to medium
    • Brand: Sleep Number
    • Model: 360 m7 Smart Bed
    • Size: Twin - 38 x 75 inches
      Twin XL - 38 X 80 inches
      Full - 54 x 75 inches
      Queen - 60 x 80 inches
      King - 76 x 80 inches
      California King - 72 x 84 inches
    • Thickness: 11 inches
    • 15-year limited warranty
    • 100-night trial
    • Complimentary white glove delivery
    • Suitable for back pain sufferers
    • Option to add a FlexFit Adjustable base bed frame
    • The 360 smart bed is great for people who like memory foam
    • Good choice for hot sleepers
    • Great for couples who want to adjust their side of the bed to get better sleep
    • Not for sleepers who like firmer beds
    • Sleep Number is expensive
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Smart Mattresses Buying Guide

We live such busy lives, that getting a good night’s sleep can be elusive due to stress or the fast-paced tempo of the lives we live. How can you keep an eye on how well or how bad you’re sleeping? 

Smart mattresses have sleep trackers built-in, enabling them to monitor the environment you sleep in. 

Smart beds allow sleepers to control their sleep settings, collate data, and amalgamate it with their smart devices allowing them to have complete oversight over their sleep experience. 

How to choose a smart mattress can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a comprehensive smart mattress guide, allowing you to be in the driver’s seat of tracking and customizing your sleep experience.

Smart Mattresses

A smart mattress is a mattress that uses sensors and other cutting-edge technology to gather data on how you are sleeping. 

The information gathered can be reported to your smart devices, allowing you to monitor, and improve your sleeping conditions. 

Smart beds are quite expensive compared to regular mattresses due to all the smart technological features they possess from monitoring your breathing, your heart rate to your body temperature.

Benefits of a Smart Mattress

A smart mattress is for anyone who is interested in getting further insight into their sleep quality, sleep environment, and sleeping habits. 

Smart mattresses are also good for sleepers who have health problems or suffer from pains or excessively snore, or hot sleepers who are looking to modulate their temperature to a comfortable level.

Features of a Best Smart Mattress

Sleep Tracking

Smart mattresses use smart sensors that are placed throughout the cover of the mattress, to calculate your advanced sleep metrics. 

From the time you went to bed, the time you took to fall asleep, sleep disruptions, percentage of time spent in deep sleep, sleeping positions, and your wake-up time. 

All of these sleep metrics let you know the quality of your sleep.

Body and Environmental Monitoring

The same sensors that track your sleep, record metrics such as your heart rate, your body temperature, the temperature of the bed surface, your breathing as you sleep, the temperature in your bedroom, and how illuminated your bedroom is with light. 

Some smart beds can control the temperature of the bed, which you can adjust based on the data you collate.

Sleep Score

Many smart mattresses consolidate the data from sleep tracking and body and environmental monitoring to give a sleep score of how well you are sleeping based on the duration and the quality of your sleep. 

If you’re not happy with your score, you can take action to improve your sleep quality, how long it takes for you to fall asleep, thus improving your number.

Mattress Adjustment

Many smart beds sell bed frames that allow sleepers to customize settings either on the spot or automatically adjust settings during the night. You can increase or decrease the firmness level of the mattress, making it firmer or softer. 

You can tailor the temperature controls to cooler or warmer settings, some beds even permit different temperature settings for either side of the bed so that each partner has their own customized setting. 

Smart beds may be able to connect to the base of the bed, allowing you the flexibility to adjust the head, foot, or even midsection of the bed. 

This is particularly useful if you suffer from pain and want to elevate your legs, or if you’re a snorer keeping your head slightly elevated to minimize those snores.

Audio and Connectivity Functions

Some smart beds come with customizable audio settings via alarms, soothing sounds, and meditation programs. 

The lion’s share of smart beds connect to WiFi and hence can merge with other apps in your home, whether these are Amazon Alexa or fitness trackers that monitor your sleep amongst other metrics.

Sleeping Position

Which sleeping position best describes you will heavily influence which smart mattress is best suited to your needs and will enhance your sleep smart experience. 

Are you a back, side, stomach, or combination sleeper?

  • Back Sleepers - Back sleepers seek a mattress that provides support for the spine and helps to preserve the natural curve of the back whilst sleeping. Look for a mattress that is highly responsive and maintains the natural S-curve of the back and maintains the head and neck alignment. 
  • Side Sleepers - Require a mattress that provides more support in the neck, shoulder, and hip area and promotes spinal alignment, to avoid issues with neck and back pain. Look for a mattress with a responsive comfort layer.
  • Stomach Sleepers - Support is crucial for stomach sleepers to keep their spine aligned. Contouring relieves pressure points in areas such as the hips for stomach sleepers. Memory foam and latex mattresses are best for contouring.
  • Combination Sleepers - A mattress that has a high level of responsiveness is ideal for combination sleepers. Look for a  responsive mattress that adjusts in proportion to weight and pressure and will mold to the body in various different positions.

Mattress Type

So what are the 5 main mattress materials you should consider in a smart mattress?

  • Pure polyfoam compresses under pressure 
  • Or a combination of high-density polyfoam, as the supportive base combined with a memory foam layer that molds a sleeper’s body. 

Memory foam mattresses are used predominantly to make smart mattresses.

  • Natural - This comes in either Dunlop form, where the latex is dense, sturdy, and heavy latex or Talalay form producing latex that is softer and bouncier. It's expensive but eco-friendly. 
  • Synthetic - Created by mixing natural tree sap with synthetic polymers is a cheaper option but less environmentally friendly.

Steel coils support a comfortable layer of polyfoam. Innerspring mattresses provide cooling, edge support, and durability. 

You could consider a hybrid mattress, which combines coils with other types of materials, such as foam or latex.


A mattress where two or more materials have been combined. An example would be a mattress with pocketed coils for support, and a few inches of latex or foam memory for comfort.


Airbeds are inflated to reach the desired level of firmness, to provide a robust substructure. 

Firmness Level

Ever notice how a mattress feels when you lie on it? Well, that's the test of how firm it is. Go for a firmer mattress if you want the mattress to not ‘give’ and offer resistance, or push-back when depressed. 

On the other hand, a softer and less firm mattress will provide more ‘give’ and allow the body to sink down slightly. 

How firm or soft you go is a personal choice. There is no wrong or right answer here.

Pressure Relief

There are some mattresses that mold themselves closely to the body of a sleeper, ensuring closer alignment to the spine and prohibiting pressure points from forming. 

The test of whether a mattress molds itself to a sleeper is correlated with the layer of comfort or the top layers of a mattress. 

Mattresses that offer the best molding of your body are latex and/or foam memory.

Body Contouring

This is all about how a mattress complements the silhouette of your body while you sleep. If you suffer from pressure points or pain in general, you may want to consider a mattress that has high contouring.


Different materials have different heat retention properties. On the hotter end of the temperature gauge, you have the traditional foam mattresses. 

If you prefer to sleep at a cooler temperature then you need to opt for gel, latex, or hybrid or innerspring mattresses, which offer greater air circulation and an overall much cooler sleeping experience. 

You can adjust the temperature setting on some smart mattresses to provide you with the optimum sleeping temperature.

Other Features

Many mattresses will have distinctive features in addition to smart features. You may also want to think about the density of the mattress, this is all about how thick the mattress is. 

If you’re a stickler for sitting on the edge of the bed or want to utilize maximum sleeping space then you may want to pay attention to how much edge support is provided by a mattress. 

Another thing to consider is pairing smart pillows with your smart mattress. Having a smart pillow can take your sleep monitoring experience to the next level. Look for a smart pillow model that compliments your smart mattress.

Finally, if you’re a light sleeper or sleep with a partner, you want to ensure that if your partner moves, your sleep isn’t disturbed, here good motion isolation is key.


These days smart mattresses come in a variety of sizes from Twin XL right up to a California King mattress.


Make sure you have a budget in mind before you start shopping. Smart beds elevate your sleep experience to a different level, allowing you insight into the quality of your sleep. That is priceless! 

However, there’s no beating around the bush that smart beds come with a hefty price tag, ranging from $800 to $6,000. Be clear on how much you are comfortable spending. 

Do you have a particular smart mattress brand in mind such as the Rest Bed? Be sure you compare the features you’re getting with Sleep Number vs the Rest Bed, to name a few brands.

Shipping & Delivery

Be aware of where the smart mattress can be shipped and how long the delivery will take, based on your location. 

Some firms offer free shipping within the US, others, however, charge a delivery fee. Be clear on what is included in the delivery fee. 

In the event, you are interested in home delivery with in-home assembly and the option to remove your old mattress (known as white glove delivery), check if this is offered. 

Some mattress companies only deliver to the front door of your building, coming into your home, or delivering the mattress right into your bedroom and assembling it may not be included. The devil is in the detail.

Trial & Returns

One of the challenges of buying a smart mattress online is, you’re buying without having tested the mattress. That’s why it's essential you pick a brand that offers a generous sleep trial. 

Countless online retailers out there offer ‘sleep trials’, allowing you to test the mattress for a defined period of time, and during this time should the mattress not live up to your satisfaction you are entitled to return the mattress and get a refund. 

The exact sleep-trial period varies from an average of 90 days to 365 days. It's customary that once you’ve bought a mattress, typically you can’t initiate the return or refund process, before a minimum break-in period of the mattress has passed. 

Also read the fine print, whether the return of the mattress is free and whether you are entitled to an exchange.


Smart mattresses come with a product warranty. Whilst this can vary from product to product, the average warranty period is in the range of 10-years, some products however may have a warranty for a much shorter period of time. 

It’s important that you’re aware of the exact product or manufacturing defects that are covered in the warranty. No warranty covers standard wear and tear or any physical damage that occurred once the mattress was in the possession of a buyer. 

It's key to read the usage instructions of the mattress and ensure the mattress is used as it is intended to be used. Many mattresses may come with a limited warranty. 

This means that the original owner is covered by the warranty, only if the mattress was purchased from the manufacturer or by an approved brand retailer. 

Additionally, if you exchange a mattress, check if the exchange is covered by the sleep trial period and/or warranty.

Smart Mattresses FAQ

Do smart beds need a special foundation?

Most smart beds can be placed on contemporary mattress foundations. However, if the bed comprises an adjustable layer of air, you may not be able to pair a smart mattress with this type of adjustable bed frame.

Do smart beds need special bed sheets?

The simple answer is no. Standard bed sheets will fit smart mattresses without interrupting the sensor technology they have.

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