GhostBed 3D Matrix SmartBed

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The GhostBed 3D Matrix Smartbed is a smart bed that has a layer of sensors that measure the pressure distribution for each side of the mattress.

GhostBed's smart bed comes with 40 adjustable zones and has a firmness level of "Plush" to "Firm".

The Smart bed also comes with a smart thermostat and "Ghost ice" cooling technology to keep you cool while sleeping. 

If you're looking for an easy-to-use, comfortable mattress, built to upgrade the performance of any other mattress, then the 3D Matrix Smartbed is for you.

The product comes with a companion app to help you find your perfect sleep position and set customized bed temperature control zones.

You can also use the app to track your sleep activity, monitor the temperature of your mattress, and turn on/off the automatic function.

The 3D matrix design adds comfort and support without sacrificing breathability. This is a great option for those looking for an elevated level of sleep comfort, performance, and convenience.

The Ghostbed 3D Matrix SmartBed's quality materials are designed to keep the mattress cool during sleep. Its two-inch gel memory foam top layer is infused with graphite to repel heat.

This is a great option for individuals who tend to get too hot while sleeping or suffer from allergies or asthma that may be exacerbated by dust mites. The mattress also comes with two free luxury GhostPillows.

Experience the best in smart bed technology!

Key Features
  • 12-inch thickness
  • 5-individual body zones
  • 40 settings for each individual zone
  • Ghost ice-cooling cover
  • 2-inch gel memory foam
  • 2-inch soft transition foam
  • 2,000 smart sensor points per side
  • 5 ergonomic & customizable zones
  • Adjustable air chambers
  • The 2-inch high-density support layer
  • 3 operating modes: manual, automatic & position
  • Firmness: Firm to plush
  • Easy to use Companion App
  • 2 free Luxury GhostPillows

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